Monday, April 29, 2024

Michigan Monday: Wolverine NFL Draft Review

Michigan didn't break the record for most players on a team drafted but they got pretty much everyone on a team.  The Wolverines recorded 13 draft picks, with another 6 getting UDFA (undrafted free agents) signed.   Let's go to the list:

1. JJ to Minnesota - 1st round 
2. Kris Jenkins to Cincinnati - 2nd round
3. Mike Sainristil to Washington - 2nd round 
4. Junior Colson to LA Chargers - 3rd round 
5. Blake Corum to LA Rams - 3rd round 
6. Roman Wilson to Pittsburg - 3rd round 
7. Zak Zinkter to Cleveland - 3rd round 
8. AJ Barner to Seattle - 4th round 
9. Trevor Keegan to Philly - 5th round 
10. Mike Barrett to Carolina - 7th round 
11. LaDarius Henderson to Texans - 7th round 
12. Jaylen Harrell to Tennessee - 7th round 
13. Cornelius Johnson to LA Chargers -7th round 

  • Turner to Lions 
  • Barnhart to Chargers
  • Jones to Green Bay
  • Wallace to Rams 
  • McGregor to Jets 
  • Nugent to 49'ers 

I thought Nugent and Barnhart might get taken late, but it didn't happen. Briaden has a huge upside and could make the team if the light goes on for him at DE.   Turner has a shot with the Lions if he kicks well in camp. 

Jim took 3 Wolverines, drafted 2 and signed one free agent.  Junior is of course a perfect fit for Minter's defense and will have a head start on everyone.   Blake will be playing in the same building and love him in the Ram's offense. Jenkins will get to play with former teammates DJ Turner, Dax Hill, and Erik All.  Jay Harbaugh must of loved AJ Barner and Mike should get a shot at playing time in Carolina.  Zinker seems like a good fit in Cleveland and Mikey in Washington will get to play for a defensive minded head coach. 

I would call that a very successful draft and well done Detroit! 

  • Michigan picked up a portal kicker quietly on Friday.  From the spring game it looked like they needed one.  His name is Dominic Zvada from Arkansas State and will have 2 years of eligibility. 
  • Joe Milton was drafted by the Patriots 
  • Tua 2 was not drafted and might get a workout in Seattle.  This surprises me, thought he was worth a late round flyer and at least a UDFA contract. 
  • In a surprise to nobody, DJ Waller transfers to UK - They are elite at tampering.
  • Michigan picked up FAU center Vlad Goldin this morning! 


Ron said...

Detroit did a great job that's got to be the best draft crowd ever.. I totally agree I think Brandon McGregor has a big upside and I was surprised Barnhart wasn't drafted late..and Tua, not getting drafted is surprising too

Goblu said...

So rumor is that Amorion Walker may rejoin Mich. You hear that Sabb!!

Chowman said...

Just don't think McGregor made enough plays, i.e. had enough tape for teams to use a draft pick. he had some big plays but also went MIA at times. Let's be honest, Karsen Barnhart was the weakest link in the OL. He struggled in pass pro where ever they played him. In a pass happy league that hurt his chances. Tualia was a turnover machine. He could put up gaudy numbers against weaker teams, but against better teams in big moments he's turning the ball over. Reminded me a lot of Adrian Martinez in that manner. I did think Nugent would get drafted on day 3. That was mildly surprising.

Brady2017 said...

Goblu- I heard that same rumor about Walker. Wonder if he'll play at WR or DB. We need help at both!

Wish the Lions would have picked up a few more Wolverines. These guys worked hard to win that Natty, and not all players have that drive and determination.

Hard to judge the Lions draft until a couple years down the road, but aside from Arnold, I did some head scratching. Brad traded valuable picks to move up for guys that prob would have still been there later in the draft. I'm worried trading all these draft picks might bite us in the years to come.

Brady2017 said...

Chowman, I was always waiting for McGregor to make a statement and have a standout game, but it never happened. Nice kid, tho.

Brady2017 said...

Standing ovation for Dusty May. He targeted the guys he wanted and went out and got them. We got a basketball team y'all! I'll take Michigan's hoops team over Izzo's robots any day. Lol

Chowman said...

Brady, think the knee injury just put him in a hole that he never could fully get out of. He made some really nice plays, just not enough them. Different injury, but I ruptured my quad tendon 6 years ago. Not that I'm any kind of world class athlete, but it really is more than just a physical thing. The mental part of trusting the leg is a big hurdle too.

Ron said...

Chowman,Barnhart struggled playing tackle but I think it could be a good guard especially with Ben Herbert as his strength coach.. yeah McGregor never quite it's up to the hype but I think he has the potential with right coaching and development to be a defensive end

Brady2017 said...

Chowman- Oh ya, unless someone's gone through a serious injury, they have no idea how hard it is returning. One summer I twisted my ankle a full 45 degrees (not a knee injury, but still). Couldn't jog, couldn't golf, couldn't play tennis, nothing. It's a bitch.

Chowman said...

Ron, he was projected as a G in the league due to his arm length. That being said, there was a drop off when they moved him to G. Again, he was still the weakest length. He was a far better run blocker than a pass blocker. It's probably why Jim signed him as a UDFA. I'm pretty sure you're going to see a more balanced offense out of the Chargers this year.

In my reply to Brady: Injuries are a bitch and its as much psychological as physical. It's really hard to trust that injured body part, especially when its a leg. For a lot of players the physical injury heals before the mental one.

Rudy said...

Also surprised ND's qb Hartman didn't get drafted. Looked pretty solid most of the time. Lions take a 350lb behemoth who really hasn't played any creditable ball. Like the roll of the dice but why in the 4th round and not as an UDFA? UM had the best D in the country and yet their DE's went pretty much undrafted. Yeah....Harrell went right at the end of the 7th but you may as well count that as undrafted.

szanreno said...

I'm surprised to see Chowman commenting on draft choices. I thought they would have been dead to him...