Friday, April 5, 2024

Michigan Friday: Should We Be Worried About The Offense?

I think we should.  The buzz out of Spring Ball is that the defense is dominating the offense.  That Michigan's defensive line and LB core are stifling the offense line and pressuring any QB that Michigan puts up there.  

In the end, I think Michigan's offense line will be fine, not too many opponents will have 2 NFL 1st rounders on it.  Michigan is solid at TE and RB.  The issue is with the passing game, Orji is more of a runner then passer.  Davis I'm sure is talented but still young and inexperienced, Warren looked really good in a Spring Game a couple years ago and we haven't heard about him since, Denegal is reportedly struggling this Spring and 10 year man Tuttle is injured.   So Fox wants to put this on National TV?

Michigan's top WR is Tyler Morris and the WR room is very limited.  Michigan needs two WR's from the portal as soon as possible.  Which is not a great position for the defending National Champs. 

What does this all mean?  I said this earlier this year and as Spring Ball continues, I continue to believe it.  Michigan 2024 will be playing like Alabama 2023.  Michigan will win with a superior defense, a mobile QB that runs, and a very good RB.   Donovan Edwards is the best player on offense and reports are he is healthy and strong.  My hope is they use him like Reggie Bush as a RB and WR.   Whoever plays QB and I expect it will be Orji, number one priority will be not turning the ball over.  You thought JJ didn't throw enough, Michigan might pass less then 10 times a game next season.  Yes, there is a concern there will be some Iowa comparisons.    Fox, are you sure?

  • Will Tschetter will be back for Michigan Basketball 
  • Terrance Williams will look at the NBA Draft and hit the portal.  So he is hitting the portal. 
  • Seems Louisville lost the Dust Battle, but now will focus on getting FAU players in the portal with big NIL checks for Nick Boyd and Johnell Davis.  Small issue, the Cardinals new coach who was at Charleston last season had a issue with The Owl players when they played in Boca last season.  Probably won't be an issue with a check with a lot of zeros in it. 

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Ron said...

Desperately need more wide receivers who can run we need more speed.. does anybody know what tuttle's injury is?