Monday, April 22, 2024

Michigan Monday: Spring Game Reaction

Does Michigan have a QB problem?

Yes, I believe they do.  Orji is a tremendous athlete but his passing was mostly check downs and was clearly nervous early and missed some easy throws.   Michigan loves to run the ball and Orji fits that mode but with zero pass threat is going to cause a ton of 3 and outs.  

Warren clearly has the best arm talent on the team.  He seems much more comfortable in the pocket and made some nice throws down the field.   He has been in the system for a long time but he always plays well in the Spring Game but not really in the regular season.  

Davis is clearly young and without any experience.  He has a huge upside but it would be best if he could redshirt this season. 

Tuttle is hurt.

Denegal struggled and right now is QB #5 and might want to consider a different position. 

Michigan should kick the tires of a QB in the portal but I don't expect they are going to find a Jake Rudock. 

Who was impressive?

We have seen Donovan Edwards have great games and not so great games.  Donovan ran hard, hit his holes, and looked great.  I was a little worried he was even dressed for the game.  He looks bigger and ready for a break out season. 

Bring us all your Bells! Ronnie's brother looked really nice as he develops into a full time WR.  
Watch the long Freddie Moore catch and run, he blocked two guys! 

Zeke Berry looks ready to start and be a difference maker.   

McBurrows like Berry played well. 

TJ Guy is going to be a problem for opponents offensive lines. 

Best position group in the country?

Michigan clearly has the best defensive line in the country, probably could use a little depth but very talented. 

Michigan also has the best TE room in the country.  We all know about Loveland but Klein could be right next to him as TE 1 and 1A. 


There are only like 6 or 7 guys on scholarship and Sherrone will look for a big body in the portal that doesn't want a $1M a year in NIL.  I thought the guys on the roster played well but will need some help.  Freddie Moore is a future star. 

Special Teams?

Looked a little shaky, the teams mostly went on 4th down but one of the punts was really bad and there was a missed short field goal. 

All in all I thought the new coaches fit in nicely and I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Wink.  He was blitzing his own team during the scrimmage.  

I'm worried at the QB position with a difficult early schedule.  Michigan can't just be a run only team.  They need a WR or 2 from the portal and maybe a CB. 

  • Jim got a 15-0 tattoo, you have to go with National Champions under the 15-0, no?
  • 4 Championship rings is just crazy.   
  • Dusty is a non-stop worker and had a good weekend.  
    • Scottie's kid Justin Pippen commits 
    • North Texas/Texas Tech G/F Rubin Jones is headed to A2
    • Yale C Danny Wolf is joining the team and shouldn't have any admission issues 
    • PG Tre Donaldson also picked the Wolverines from Auburn 


Tim said...

Bob - I agree. We will have a QB problem.

At what point do we get concerned that we are not getting transfers or commits? I realize there is time and I am not hitting the panic button...but having someone commit or transfer would be nice.

Ron said...

The first football commitment is in Nate Marshall defensive line 👍

Chowman said...

Just not sure who is going to be available in the TP at QB. Even if a decent guy comes available, will he even want to come to Michigan, i.e. NIL and will he be able to pick up enough of the playbook by the time the season starts? I mean how much of an improvement will it be if you get a decent QB in the portal but have to run a vanilla offense cause he didn't have time to pick up much of the playbook?

Do you just go with Orji and his athleticism and hope he makes a Jalen Milroe leap? Or do you go with Warren knowing he has a limited ceiling and hope that the team can overcome that with defense and the running game, i.e. he's a game manager? Or do you just let Jadyn Davis start knowing full well that freshman mistakes will cost you a game or 2 but will benefit his longterm development?

Brady2017 said...

Chowman- Warren is definitely a game manager, but that might be exactly the kind of QB this team needs. I've already had premonitions of Orji throwing picks and killing drives with his arm. So ya, it might be a two headed monster of Orji and Warren this year. (They say if you have more than one QB then you have none.)

Dusty May is absolutely crushing it right now! Sherrone, are you watching?

Brady2017 said...

Warde and Santa might have to do something (quick) about credits transferring. I'm already hearing rumblings about problems with one of the new basketball players. I don't care if they major in Basket Weaving 101, get them in here!

Ron said...

Sam Warren, basketball transfer from Alabama just picked Michigan over that school from down in crap hole Columbus 👍

Ron said...

Sam Walters I'm sorry

Cormac said...

I agree that Michigan has a quarterback problem. Orji didn't look too bad, but his passing was marginal. Opponents, IMHO, will load the box up and dare Orji to beat them with his passing. Will Saturday's Warren Davis show up when the season starts? The only other position that might worry me is the Wide Receiver, primarily because of the lack of depth with the wide receivers.

Don't worry about Sherrone. He got his own commitment this afternoon. A four-star DL, Nate Marshall.