Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Michigan Tuesday: Looking For Something Outside Ann Arbor

College Football and Basketball are different beasts right now.  We have Kentucky Football shopping from Michigan's roster and Dusty rebuilding from the transfer portal.  Something Juwan couldn't/wouldn't do.  So when we learn of young players transferring, you wonder if their head is in the right place or did someone offer them an NIL deal they just can't pass up.  If you don't sign a contract, many of these NIL dollars are Monopoly money. 

-George Washington III, PG.  He jumped into the portal, then jumped out, Dusty signed a bunch of guards, and now he is back in.   Good luck, George and your cherry tree. 

-Redshirt Freshman LB Semaji Brockman jumped into the portal yesterday.  He didn't play a down last year and clearly redshirted.  Good luck Semaji. 

-Nikhai Hill-Green transferred from Michigan to Charlotte, been working out in Ann Arbor, but is now heading to the transfer portal farm Colorado.  Deion is playing the numbers game with the program, 20 guys out, 20+ guys in every portal cycle. 

-I'm surprised WR Karmello English hasn't signed with a new program.  I also wish he hadn't transferred because I was excited to see him play next season in Ann Arbor. 

-Amorion Walker at Michigan moved from WR to CB, then Walker decided to jump into the portal and head to Ole Miss. Now the rumor is, he might jump back into the portal and head back to Ann Arbor to play WR. 

-Keon Sabb is rumored to be having second thoughts on leaving Ann Arbor for Alabama after Rod's ACL injury.  Probably too late for a return now that he got a rumored $2M to play for the Crimson Tide. 


Chowman said...

I believe athletes should have unlimited transfers when the coaching staff changes. Many times these players commit to a coach as much as the school. But if you transfer because you don't like the position you are on the depth chart, you get ONE, repeat ONE get out of jail free pass, as many of these kids make their decisions while still being KIDS. Might seem like a grand adventure moving down to Tuscaloosa or up to Ann Arbor, but after the novelty wears off, it can be a major shock. After that, you sit out a year every time you transfer.

As far as NIL, there should be a contract signed. You get X amount of money, the school expects X amount of games excluding injuries. You backout, you owe back any prepaid money. you want to get paid like a pro, then make a commitment like a pro. As much as I'd like Keon Saab back, dude took the money. Be a grown up and honor your commitment. And $2M for Keon Saab? Like I said, I liked Keon in AA but $2M???? That's crazy! And before anyone argues "well its their name and likeness", sure but without the school, any school, would they ever get a chance to cash in on that?

Brady2017 said...

There needs to be more guidelines in place for NIL, transferring, tampering, recruiting, paying players, pretty much everything the NCAA is supposed to be doing but isn't.