Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: Portal Closed

There is still a small window for grad transfers but the portal is now closed.  Now is the time to add to the roster and mitigate a few loses.  Michigan did not lose any stars, they did lose depth at some important positions like LB, S, and WR. 

Michigan's activity in the portal has been very quiet.  There are a ton of safeties and wide receivers but we haven't really heard of them reaching out.  It could be because this is a new coaching staff and the insiders don't have relationships yet or Michigan is slow playing it.   Getting that kicker last weekend was a very quiet pursuit. 

What we know:

- A return of Amorion Walker? 

-Kent State DT CJ West has an offer

-GVSU DL transfer Jay'viar Sugg has an offer

-Michigan trending for a Youngstown State WR CJ Charleston?

Of course Michigan is more active then the above but right now they are keeping it close to the vest.  The word is that there is not a ton of NIL money out there and some players will be looking for opportunity over big dollars. 

  • Semaj Bridgeman a redshirt freshman LB jumped into the portal yesterday. He did not play last year. 
  • Hayden Moore same as the above. 
  • TWill transfers to USC Basketball.  Good luck to him in the PAC 12 😃
  • Happy (Dusty) MAY DAY!
  • Nimari Burnett announced he is heading back to Ann Arbor and will pass on the NBA Draft. 
  • Prized FAU transfer Johnell Davis is expected to grab a huge bag and sign with Coach Cal at Arkansas.
  • Michigan Football lost out on top RB Marquise Davis out of Ohio who choose UK over Michigan 


Victor in AA said...

By most sources the University of Michigan Sports department is a TOP 5 revenue collector. Allowing the likes of Kentucky and Missori to get players that Michigan could have is incompetence. All this while Coaches and administeators collect lavishly. This has to change.

Brady2017 said...

Victor- Good post. I agree. Sherrone talked the talk about upping UM's NIL game, but so far he has not walked the walk.

Davis was the FAU player I heard rumblings about two weeks ago that couldn't get past Michigan's admissions.

ScottyDoggs said...

I concur (big word) with Brady2017 It' a new game out there, have to play it or lose out, and out new coach will morph into Hoke(y) Victor nailed it; very concisely.