Thursday, April 18, 2024

Michigan Thursday: Lots of Info

This is mega news and notes today as there seems to be a lot of information in the wind about the Wolverines Football and Basketball programs.  

  • Cristian Dixon hit the portal after the WR to CB didn't work out.  He was a 4-star WR that never worked out.  Michigan needs a WR in the portal for an offense that just lost a top NFL Draft pick (probably) and doesn't want money.  That is going to be hard to find. Good luck to Cristian at his next stop. 
  • Michigan has offered a DT in the portal from Kent State who is from the same Illinois HS as JJ and Tyler Morris. 
  • FAU's top player Johnell Davis is not expected to join Dusty in Ann Arbor and looks to be headed to the NBA Draft. 
  • Former Wolverine Big Man Tarris Reed has transferred to Back-to-Back National Champions UConn Huskies.  Congrats to Mr. Reed! 
  • Dusty is expected to have these visitors on campus this weekend.  Auburn's Tre Donaldson and Roddy Gayle Jr from that school in Columbus. 
  • Mike Sainristil and Jaylen Harrell are throwing out the first pitch today at the Tigers game. 
  • Scottie Pippen's kid is a 2024 recruit and is expected to announce his decision no Friday. 
  • Reports are Michigan Football will be looking to kick the tires in the portal for a QB, Big WR, CB, Safety, DT and a TE. 
  • Pro Football Talk says "everything is up in the air" for Dax Hill in the Bengals secondary.  Isn't everything up in the air for a DB?
  • UCLA WR Kyle Ford has Michigan in his top 6.  He could step into the #1 WR role in Ann Arbor.  I won't hold my breathe. 
  • Freddie Moore is getting some nice buzz out of Spring Ball at WR. 
  • Miami LB Commit Elijah Melendez was blown away about his visit to Michigan.
  • QB commit Carter Smith will be in town for 5 days this week.  Carter is recruiting hard for his future team. 
  • Two players we are not expected to see on Saturday due to injury: Cabana and Tuttle. 


Ron said...

Need receivers bad.. going to end up having to move DBS over there...

Chowman said...

Just wonder if the lack of action in the portal for both the Men's basketball team and the football team is due to NIL. I not going to get into the debate of right or wrong, but schools are paying and players are expecting stupid money. You either run with the big Dawgs or stay on the porch!

ScottyDoggs said...

Chowman is most likely "dead on."

Cheeseburger gate was supposedly two recruits that just happened to be in area ...dropped into see Jimmy. The craziness is the ease that they could have stopped illegal payments in the 70's and 89's. Bo's book talks about illicit money. and just a little ingenuity, they could have stopped it cold, yet did close to nothing. The cheeseburger story points out that the NCAA is outdated and a new format must develop.

Chowman said...

Can we move on from the cheeseburger thing. It's not about the effing cheeseburger. It was Jim not playing the NCAA's game! Speaking of burgers, it would of been a nothing-burger if Jim would of just said "oops my bad, the whole covid recruiting rules have me all confused". Michigan would of gotten a level 2 violation and probably lost 10 minutes of practice time for several weeks and lost 2 in-home visits. NOPE, instead Jim put himself in front of the program and made it all about him! Bo would of never violated any rules, but if he did, he'd of fell on the sword and try to save the football program any shade!

Some of you will continue to carry Jim's water cause he brought us a Naty. Don't get me wrong, it was the greatest 3 year run in my life time, and the memories of the title run will never be taken away. But Jim came with a dump truck full of drama and he's in LA so he's DEAD to me.

And to be clear, I ALWAYS said if Michigan had to cheat to win a Naty, go for it. Sports is all about cheating. Pushing the envelope. That's why we have the rules we have today. I remember watching the NFL as a wee little guy and watching DL slapping the OL across the side of their heads to have an advantage in the pass rush. I'm a "ask forgiveness guy" and not an "ask permission guy".

szanreno said...

Why would he be dead to you? If friends go away are they dead to you too? Or is this just bravado talking. Pretty sad way to live...

ScottyDoggs said...

theoretically, Michigan has the potential to set record for number of players in one season ... is that cheating too? Accusing them of wholesale cheating to twenty young men that are stronger/more badass them you are an unwise proposition to make. That signal scandal is overblown to the value of it. Ohio State has done it to use over the years and received no punishment.

ScottyDoggs said...

My bad (no editing available) ... I meant to say record for number of players drafted by NFL in one season. Dementia is slowing conquering me! {LOL)