Friday, May 3, 2024

Michigan Friday: Former Wolverines Find New Homes

Some recent entries into the Transfer Portal have found new programs.  

Offensive Lineman Amir Herring will now play for Kansas in the Big 12.  This is a nice move for Amir as some insiders were expecting maybe he would land at a MAC school.  Good Luck Amir! 

2024 Jeremiah Beasley who picked Michigan over Mizzu, picked Mizzu in the transfer portal.  This is a curious situation to me for a player that was only on campus for a few months.  

Walk-on TE Josh Beetham picked GT.  Good luck to Josh and I hope he sees the field. 

DJ Waller CB to UK.  

Still Looking:

Reece Atteberry 

Noah Stewart 

Eamonn Dennis 

Danny Hughes 

Karmello English 

Cristian Dixon

Semaji Bridgemann 

Old News:

Darrius Clemons to Oregon State

CJ Stokes to Charlotte 

Matt Hibner to SMU

Joey Velazquez to OSU

Keon Sabb to Bama

  • OL Avery Gach will pick his school today, from Michigan, MSU, OSU and Wisconsin.  100% CB's to the good guys. 
  • The Colts picked up the fifth-year option on DE Kwity Paye’s contract
  • Why are people asking Brian Kelly if he was offered the Michigan job? Michigan had 3 opportunities to hire Brian, never happened, never will.
  • Michigan is talking to portal Safety Jaden Mangham, from MSU. Michigan State not Mississippi. Positive is that Michigan universities make it much easier to transfer between schools.


Brady2017 said...

I'd like people to ask Nick Saban if he was offered the UM job. He would've been the first call I would've made.

Goblu said...

Hire a 72yo coach who hates NIL and the portal... ok.

Brady2017 said...

Goblue- Survey 100 people who'd they rather hire, arguably the greatest college football coach of all time, or someone that was never a head coach before. Guarantee you what 100% of those people would say. But it's irrelevant. It is what it is. I think Warde even admitted to not even talking to anyone besides Sherrone.

Goblu said...

If you survey in a generic way - yes of course. But that’s a misleading survey.

But if your survey says: 72yo, who doesn’t want to coach and hates the current system, who happens to be the greatest but retired bc he hates the system
Or a younger coach who was likely the spark or a key part of the spark that turned a weak program back into a tough as nails program, who hasn’t been a HC before.

I believe the survey results won’t be 100%

Brady2017 said...

I'm true Blue and my heart will be rooting for Sherrone to succeed. My mind and business acumen are doubtful.

Little fun fact- Rick Pitino was actually the head coach of Michigan Basketball for 12 hours. He agreed in principle to a contract and was set to board a plane the next day to head to Ann Arbor. His wife swayed him to Louisville and Bill Martin was too busy playing squash (I'm not making this up) to talk him into coming here. So don't be so quick to say Michigan could never get someone to coach here.

Chowman said...

I'm with Go on this one. Saban was burnt out by NIL and TP, which is ironic when you consider, at least in his early years at Bama, booster were dropping bags of cash all over the place. Maybe that's the key, he no longer had the advantage. Everybody could drop bags of cash with impunity. That and I think players have gotten more entitled, i.e. "pay me 7 figures even though I really haven't done anything in college yet"! Saban was a little like Izzo is where he needed to break you down to build you back up, and kids just don't want to play that game these days!

Brady2017 said...

Chowman- True, some kids don't want to play for that coach anymore, sadly. But the kids that are focused on developing and not getting paid will. E.g., Colorado.

A little birdie has told me Michigan has an enormous amount of donor cash that Sherrone would like to have allotted towards NIL, but Warde is more focused on leaving his legacy here(3-4 more years as AD) by using that money towards starting other sports programs (women's hockey), stadium and arena improvements, admin expenses, and student athlete support programs.

Rudy said...

Saban was doing NIL before it was the NIL....he was paying brothers! Once it became a more-level playing field, he bailed. He was a great Xs and Os person, but a horrible human and developer of men. He'll crash and burn as a broadcaster because he has the charm of an insurance disrespect to insurance salesmen.

szanreno said...

If Sabans broadcasting skills are like his Aflac commercials crash and burn is right.
I would not want Saban. He screwed people everywhere he went, money and nil aside...

Ron said...

RIP Darius Morris 😞