Friday, June 7, 2024

Michigan Friday: Summer Is Where You Get Better

Michigan has two real question marks going into next season.  Does Michigan have a QB that can throw the ball accurately? and Does it have WR's that can makes plays.  

Neither was really answered in the Spring Game.  So Michigan went out and got itself some WR's. 

Here is what Coach Bellamy had to say:

“Amorion Walker came back to the family, and he’s here,” said Bellamy, who was Walker’s primary recruiter out of high school, on the ‘In The Trenches’ podcast with host Jon Jansen. “Obviously, I had him freshman year as a receiver. He moved to corner, and now he’s coming back as a receiver. He gives us the length and speed that, when we recruited him out of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, that’s what we were looking for — a 6-4 guy that can stretch the field. He’s another that can jump out of the gym. An extraordinary talent, and we’re excited about him.

“C.J. Charleston — an older guy. I thought we needed an older guy in our room, another guy that can be a leader, with experience. He played at Youngstown State, but he’s also played Big Ten. He’s been in the Shoe, he’s played against Ohio State, he’s been in East Lansing, he’s played against the Spartans. So he’s played Big Ten competition, had success. You watch the game film, seeing him go in there. He’s a perfect fit for us. We’re super excited about him.”

Michigan does have presumed starters Tyler Morris and Semaj Morgan who got a number of snaps last season.  Also Ronnie's brother Kendrick Bell showed some nice skills in the spring game and we already know Payton O'Leary has good hands from a year ago Spring Game.  

I expect big things from Freddie Moore next season and Michigan has two new WR's coming in as true freshman who are now on campus in Channing Goodwin and I'Marion Stewart. 

Throwing with the 3 expected QB's in Tuttle, Orji and Warren everyday will be the key to being ready for next season as they form some strong chemistry in these summer player only workouts.   

How effective these sessions are, might be the key to Michigan making the Playoffs or not.  For both the WR's and the QB's. 

  • Happy Birthday to a Michigan Legend, Cazzie Russell turns 80 today!  For Michigan's younger fans base, The Crisler Center is the house that Cazzie built. 
  • The NBA listed Brandon Graham and Duncan Robinson as Celebrities -Sports/Figures at the NBA Finals last night.  They sure are!


Ron said...

Happy birthday Cazzie, you put Michigan basketball on the map 👍

ScottyDoggs said...

Yep, if Quarterback/ wide receiver combo does not jell, then running game gets stuffed and we are in for a long fall (season that is). We will be pining for Jim, but he is long gone. Maybe Sherrone can pull this off, wait and see! Go Blue!

BlueManGroup said...

If you can't throw it, just run it 32 straight times in a hostile environment. Seems like a winning philosophy to me.

Chowman said...


Agreed, don't want a situation like Iowa has had for the past few years. Where the defense was outstanding, but the offense couldn't get out of its own way.

Blue, you got to have a QB that can at least keep a defense honest. If you can't throw the ball at all, then you'll be facing 9 and 10 man boxes. Don't need a prolific passing attack, but a guy that can put the ball in the right spots in one-on-one coverages.

Brady2017 said...

I think Alex would do great running the RPO, but we haven't run a true RPO since Rich Rod. In RPO, Orji would have to make a split second read of the defense based on which defenders are committing to run or dropping back, and I haven't seen us execute that style. It can be very difficult to defend. If Campbell uses Orji as a drop back passer, I think we're doomed. Idk, we'll have to wait and see I guess.

Chowman said...

Brady, not sure you can add an RPO game to the playbook in such a short window. I also agree with you, in the limited sample size, I haven't seen anything that shows me that Orji can read a defense. Not necessarily written in stone, but when you're installing a new starter, you typically dumb the playbook down, i.e. limited play selection

Thom said...

Why is everyone so hyped up on Alex O? I think he would be hell of a running back but quarterback....don't see it.