Monday, June 10, 2024

Michigan Monday: June Recruiting is Heating Up

If you didn't know, Sherrone's commitment tweet that can't be a commitment tweet is "Smash!".  He sent that out this this weekend.  

We of course don't know who made the commitment until the player announces.  But predictions are coming in for 4 star Defensive Lineman Jaylen Williams who is good friends with Edge commit Nate Marshall.  Could it be Jaylen? we will have to wait for an announcement.  Most expect its a Michigan or Auburn decision for him. 

Michigan continues to have big time visitors each weekend with Victors Weekend on 6/21.  Please don't forget, when you reboot your entire staff the first thing that is going to struggle is recruiting as all those relationships are now on the Chargers. 

-WR Taz Williams Jr, out of Texas is planning an announcement in July

-Michigan continues to struggle with RB recruiting with its new OSU RB coach recruting ace from Ohio State.  I think he just needs more time.  

-Michigan is recruiting hard 4 star TE Andrew Olesh but he is from PSU country. 

-Maybe Michigan's only 5 star recruit is OT Andrew Babolola, Why only one?  Because 5 star's require money just to visit.  I'm no longer ever concerned with OL recruiting. 

-LB and CB are areas of concern with no commits and not many solid prospects.  LB Elijah Melendez is a Miami commit seems interested in Michigan.

Would be nice if Michigan went on a commitment run as they start to put together a top 10 class . 


Ron said...

You got to pay recruits to get them to visit. They want money to visit Bo, and all the old time coaches are turning over in their grave

Chowman said...


Yeah college football has lost cabin pressure. Not sure how, but there needs to be some guard rails put up when it comes to NIL. I'm all for players being able to take advantage of their own NIL, but things are out of control. You go back to what Quinn Ewers did to OSU, I know, you hate to see it, but that should of been the canary in the coal mine. 20/20 hindsight, Ewers never intended to play football at OSU, he just took the bag and ran! Texas A&M is the textbook example of buyer beware!

Chowman said...

As far as the commitment watch, I've read that Marshall is visiting SEC schools, with Auburn being one of them in the next couple of weeks. Sounds like Auburn might be preparing to drop a big bag in his lap!

Brady2017 said...

The recent court ruling will allow schools to pay players like salary employees. This can't happen soon enough. Not sure yet if it will be a conference pay scale or depending on each school, but at least it will be out in the open. No more shady deals like working with drug dealers.

Thom said...

Starting to wonder if the so called hot shot RB recruiting ace from Ohio State is going to be a bust for Michigan. Him leaving Ohio State hasn't hurt them any. Time will tell.

ScottyDoggs said...

Brady makes a lot of great posts, but there will always be shady deals, especially after the "free for all" we're in now .... once the animals left the barn its harder to corral them...

Brady2017 said...

Scotty- You're absolutely right. And I never thought of this- Who's to say the bag money and kick backs continue even after the new payment structure is in place? I mean, the NCAA hasn't been able to stop it for 50 years!