Monday, February 2, 2009

Michigan Recruiting T- 2 Days

2 days until Michigan knows what it's 2009 class will be. Here at BHB we will be tracking these recruits as the come down the final stretch in the recruiting process: Marcus Hall, Quinton Washington, Denard Robinson, Sam Montgomery, Je'Ron Stokes, DeQuinta Jones, and Pearlie Graves.

  • QW: Quinton visited Miami last weekend but his coach doesn't think they will be in the running: "I asked if this (the Miami visit) juggled this up a lot and he said not really," Timberland coach Art Craig said Sunday night. "He and I are going to sit down tomorrow and talk and hopefully there will be a decision tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning. He's not going to make a big deal of it. When he decides, he will let me know and I'll call all the proper people." It seems his final 2 is down to Michigan and South Carolina. Michigan did such a good job recruiting him," he said. "What kept them in in play is their position coach recruited him the whole time. But, we had Hat Day on Thursday and he wore a big Carolina cap. That didn't mean that much other than he picked up a hat and wore it, but he did seem at ease on Thursday, like he's made his mind up. He didn't seem real nervous." QW might make his final decision as early as this afternoon.
  • Sam Montgomery: Sam visited Tennessee this weekend and the visit went well, his mom lays out the next steps. Sam is planning to announce on Wednesday on ESPN U. "We have to go home and make some comparisons and throw things around and go from there," Mrs. Montgomery said. "The list does have to be trimmed. We'll possibly cut some tonight. We'll be in contact with some schools to get some answers and some clarifications. Distance is not going to be a factor." Will Michigan make the cut today?
  • Marcus Hall: Marcus is a young man that likes to have fun. After every visit he takes that school immediately goes into his top 2. First, it was Michigan, then Miami, and now it's Tennessee after his visit there this weekend. What has been consistent in Marcus's top two? Ohio State. Look for Marcus to announce on signing day that he is a Buckeye. Update: As predicted Marcus picks the Buckeyes (he just did it a little sooner then expected).
  • DeQuinta Jones: DQJ was another visitor to Tennessee this weekend and of course they will be considered on signing day. His final 3 seems to be Michigan, Auburn, and Tennessee.
  • Je'Ron Stokes: Didn't visit Georgia this weekend but reports are that Ron Zook and Illinois are going head to head for this 4 star WR from Philly. Update: Some recruiting services are saying that Tennessee is making a charge to keep Stokes in this class. He is planning at 6:30 announcement on signing day. Wednesday is going to be a crazy day.

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