Monday, March 16, 2009

The Drought is Over: Michigan is in the Big Dance!

It's raining in the desert! Michigan is back in the NCAA Tournament!

How difficult was it to watch the CBS selection show last night? Talk about coming right down to the end. When I saw that Wisconsin got a 12 seed, I thought Michigan was in big trouble. Then I saw Minnesota got a 10 seed and I thought that was a good sign.

They made us sweat, didn't they.

So Michigan takes on Clemson on Thursday at 7:10 in Kansas City.

I don't know much about Clemson, but the key to Michigan is the inside - out game. Michigan has to force the ball to Sims down low, so he can pass it back to the shooters on the outside. If Sims can score in the low post and the Michigan shooters can hit 50% of their 3's. Michigan will be a difficult out in the first round.

If Michigan gets wild against Clemson's pressure, the Wolverines could lose by 20. Either way, I don't care. Michigan is back in the tournament and Thursday is the first step back. Next year, Michigan can plan for bigger and better things. This year Michigan has met it's goal, Thursday and beyond is just icing on the cake! Welcome Back Boys! March Madness has missed you!

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