Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sheridan is Out and So is Michigan's QB Depth

Paging Stephen Threet, is there a Stephen Threet in the house?

When Steve said he was transferring, I thought it was a bad decision. He had already transferred once and you never know what might happen and all of a sudden you find yourself the starter. Steve should have learned that lesson, since he found himself the only "real" QB on the team last year.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting (you heard it here first this afternoon) that a "source" is saying that Nick Sheridan suffered a "serious" leg injury in Tuesday's practice. Which leaves two scholarship QB's in the Michigan program, both with zero game experience. David Cone did have a couple of snaps in a blow out a few years ago.

Poor Tate Forcier, everyone knew he was "the guy" going into Spring Practice and now he is the only guy. Denard Robinson can't graduate quick enough, RR should send a plane down to get him right now.

If Threet was still on the team, this really wouldn't be a big deal. With Threet deciding to transfer, this injury equals big trouble for the Wolverines QB depth.

Does the Big Man upstairs have something against Michigan QB's? I blame Drew Henson for leaving early for Major League Baseball! I know, I'm still not over it.


BigJerm said...

I am still bitter with Drew also!!! That guy could've been a top five pic if he never left!!! Damn Yankees!!!! Anyways Sheridan is a bum with no arm...... I'll take either freshman over that dude

Bob said...

I agree, we now just don't have anyone with experience under center. Maybe it's not too bad and he will be back this summer. RR has a press conference today I believe. We should learn more then.