Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Michigan Tuesday: Sparty Wins But Loses

We had two interesting games and events in Michigan this weekend and the two events over shadowed the games.   The two games were Michigan vs Michigan State and the Lions vs 49'ers. 

MSU beat the Wolverines and the 49'ers beat the Lions in close games.    But the games are not the story this week, it's the end of the game handshake between Harbaugh and Schwartz and MSU's dirty play.  

The NFL has already ruled there won't be a penalty for the coaches for handshake-gate but what about MSU and Will Gholston?  William had two personal foul penalties including a punch and a twist of the face mask.

The Big Ten usually lets the team handle this type of punishment, meaning MSU takes the lead on punishing Gholston.  If MSU elects not to punish him (for example they have a big game on Saturday against Wisconsin), the Big Ten will step in and suspend him.   The rumor is that MSU will announce a punishment for Gholston in a press conference today.    I guess the bigger question is did the MSU coaches teach the players to commit a p

So now the question is why does the media focus on the dirty play and the hand shake instead of the big wins by the Spartans and the 49'ers?    The reason is, someone has to win and someone has to lose every game and that is pretty boring to report on.  What the media grabs a hold of is things that happen out of the norm.   Love or hate ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd but his take on this type of stuff is right on point.  He doesn't care who wins or loses, he just wants some type of controversy so he can talk about it.   Both games had it this weekend and both events were bigger in the media then the wins. 

  • Arik Armstead a 6-7 280 pound offensive lineman was verballed to USC and has decided to open up his recruitment and is considering a visit to Ann Arbor.

  • 4 star WR Amara Darboh visited Iowa this weekend.

  • 2013 IL WR Laquon Treadwell got offered my Michigan last week (which was his first offer).  He got his second offer this weekend from ND.

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