Friday, February 8, 2013

Michigan Friday: Loves OSU?

So your an 18 year old kid and just signed an LOI to attend and play football at U of M.   What is probably the worst thing you could say to a reporter?  Maybe this:  “Until I die, I’m gonna be a Buckeye fan even though I’m going (to Michigan). When we play (OSU) I’m gonna still bring my ‘A’ game. But, I love Ohio State.”  Those words were uttered by new Wolverine DB Reon Dawson.   Of course he is backing off that statement and said he was miss-quoted in the article. 

On a side note, I have no problem with an Ohio kid being an Ohio State fan growing up.   He still maybe a Ohio State fan signing his LOI on Wednesday.   I have a feeling that may change his freshman year and even this summer when some Buckeye fans run into him at the grocery store.

  • Greg Mattison was named ESPN's Recruiting Nation's top recruiter in the country.  I would have to agree.   Greg was a great hire for Michigan.  I think you could make a case a more important hire then Brady Hoke.

  • Fitz Update:  "Saw him running around -- I was shocked," Jackson said Wednesday. "The kid had a broken leg. Ten years ago, that probably wouldn't have been the case. But he was running around the other day and I don't know if they had him cut, but to me, that's tremendous progress."  Fitz says he will be ready for Fall Practice.

  • Illinois had a comeback win against #1 IU last night.

  • Another big road game for Michigan on Saturday against Wisconsin on ESPN 12:00.

  • There are reports that the Michigan Baseball Team will play Northwestern at Wrigley Field.  Now that is a way to bring excitement to Big Ten Baseball!  That is a great idea.

  • Urban Meyer wants the Big Ten to recruit better.  I assume he is talking about other programs that don't reside in Ann Arbor, that took 17 kids out of his home state.   Maybe Urban should remember what it is was like recruiting at Bowling Green and then he will know what the Purdue coaches face.


Blue-blooded said...

Reon Dawson will certainly change his view of buckeye nation when they show their colors.... remember kirk herbstriet actually sold his house and moved out of columbus because his family was harrassed.... after trying his best to be unbiased (which he only does marginally to begin with).

Bob said...

Yep, this kid will get a ton of Twitter and FB messages from Buckeye nation showing their true colors.