Monday, September 30, 2013

Michigan Monday: Big Ten Weekend Rewind

The weekend went pretty much as we thought it would for the Big Ten this weekend.   One good game and a few not so good ones.   Everyone else had the weekend off, which still seems strange. 

OSU beats Wisconsin:  Ohio State started the game and looked un-beatable.  Then Wisconsin threw the ball and found that OSU was beatable.   Then Wisconsin went "Plaxico" and let OSU win the game.  Two OSU turnovers were erased by penalties and that TD on the Hail Mary at the end of the half was un-excusable.   That throw/TD was the difference in the game.    OSU can be beat and Northwestern will get it's shot on Saturday night.  If OSU gets a W this weekend they have easy sailing until their trip to Ann Arbor in November.  Urban Meyer's game plan against Wisconsin was run the ball and throw deep.  If you can stop that you have a chance to win.

Iowa beats Minnesota 23-7.  Both teams travel to Michigan this weekend to play the Wolverines and the Spartans.   I hope and expect both will leave the Great Lake State with loses.  

Northern Illinois now is in the first place in the Big Ten with two wins after their blow out win over Purdue.   Illinois seems to be on the way back as they blow out Miami of Ohio.

So you want some depressing news for Wolverine fans?

NC State 48  CMU 14
Oklahoma 35  ND 21
Bowling Green 31 Akron 14
Buffalo 41 UConn 12

Breaking:  Paul Pasqualoni UConn head coach was fired this morning.   If they beat Michigan he is still employed.

Michigan has beaten teams that are a combined 5-14.  3 of the 5 wins are from ND and are the only wins against BCS teams.

I hope the Wolverines spent some time this past week "Breaking some Bad" because the Big Ten season is here. 

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