Monday, November 18, 2013

Michigan Monday: Michigan's Basketball Program Validated

Is Michigan a basketball school now?  Not quite, but it seems things are moving in that direction doesn't? 

Michigan went to the Final 4 and the National Championship game last year and John Beilein has built Michigan back to a national program, when it seemed like it might never get back to that again.  So why I'm I saying this after Michigan's basketball team dropped a game against a mid-tier Big 12 team on the road last night?  Because the Iowa State fans stormed the court after the win.   They said the arena sold out in 10 minutes after the tickets went on sale for the game.    Michigan Basketball is now back to major program status and a win over the Wolverines draws emotion like it hasn't had since the Fab 4 was around.  

Don't sweat the loss

Sometimes when were in football mode we forget about what the pre-Big Ten basketball season is about.   You play difficult games against good teams to set your team up for March.  The work you do in November and December pays off in March.  Izzo has done this very well and a major reason why his teams preform so well in the tournament.  

Here are a few observations from last nights game:

  • Spike needs more time at the point.  Walton is a good young player but Spike needs more time running the offense.

  • Great to have McGary back (no pun intended).  The Wolverines need his energy and rebounding.

  • Michigan needs more offensive diversity.   When they go cold from 3, the offense just stops. 

  • Michigan has to go with 2 big men more often.   LeVert is a guard not a forward and he can't guard the low post.   Caris is becoming a good player, but he isn't there yet.  In crunch time, he needs to pass more.

  • Michigan is going to struggle when Glen Robinson does. 

Michigan Football News

  • A positive 139 yards of rushing on Saturday! 

  • Desmond is not real happy that Big Al is the 3rd highest paid OC in the country and continues to get out coached.   Couldn't agree more. 

  • Michigan is getting almost a TD in (+6.5) betting odds on Saturday at Iowa.

  • Most bowl predictions have Michigan playing in Texas for a bowl game. 

  • In a season that doesn't make sense to me, here are two very strange things:  Minnesota is 8-2 and Northwestern is 0-6 in the Big Ten.

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