Monday, September 14, 2015

Michigan Monday: The State of The Big Ten Week 2 - Steak Menu Edition

I would like to start seeing how each Big Ten program is doing each week.  I must be hungry so I thought I would see where they would rank at a top notch steak house menu.  Waiter, I need a menu please!!

Kobe Beef 

Ohio State - Reigning National Champions, has 100 quality QB's and the Urban destroyer.  Good meal but it will cost you.   Had a special Hawaiian Luau this weekend.

Michigan State - Has a cook in the kitchen, Dantonio prepares the meals and they just served up some Duck on Saturday night.   If the team stays away from "going Sparty" they will be difficult to beat for any team. 

New York Strip

Wisconsin - A solid team that will run the ball and serve cheese with the meal.   A consistent meal.

Northwestern - This team could be a little "rare" right now but they do have the second best win in the Big Ten over Stanford.  

Filet Mignon

Michigan - A solid piece of meat, but if your hungry it really won't fill you up.   Has a Master Chef that will add more beef in future years. 

Minnesota - a solid loss in week one but nearly got upset on Saturday to CSU.   Not sure if this a good choice or something you should send back to the kitchen. 

Iowa - Has two wins but we really haven't seen much.   Could be a good value for those eating during the Early Bird Special.

The Sizzler

Penn State - Is struggling. They lost in week one and struggled for awhile against Buffalo.   I think the depth on the menu is now starting to show after the FDA closed the doors for awhile. 

Nebraska- Lost in week one on a Hail Mary and played South Alabama in week 2.  I still don't understand the hiring of Mike Riley.   This meat might have a little freezer burn.

Hot Dog and Hamburgers

Purdue - Lost to a MAC team week 1 beat Larry Bird's Indiana State in week 2.  You don't want to know how they make the hot dogs. 

Rutgers - The entire team got arrested before week one and they got a win but lost to a questionable Washington State team week 2.   There might be a few regrets in inviting them to the BBQ. 

Indiana - is 2-0 and has pretty much a free ride until the Big Ten season.   You might get a belly ache if you eat a few of these hot dogs.

Illinois - fired their head coach days before the season and hardly anyone noticed.  Sort of how the season has gone so far, but they are 2-0 and won 44-0 on Saturday against an instate directional school.   I would put a lot of ketchup and mustard on this one.   It won't taste good later in the year.

Maryland - Lost 48-27 to Bowling Green on Saturday - Might want to consider becoming  a vegetarian. 

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Scott K said...

Good call on the possibility of a Morris red shirt. wouldn't that load the stable for QB's? talk about a competition!