Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Talks Hoops and A Gary Update

I got to watch my first Michigan Basketball game of the season last night.   This will be an interesting team.   They are very deep, have a ton of shooters but a bit questionable on defense.     They are very athletic as well, any guy could go for 20 points any given night. 

Walton played great and Duncan Robinson was perfect from 3 point range.   Caris, Spike and Zak are still clearly rusty from their off season injuries.   Once those guys hit their stride, this could be a very difficult team to play.    I also have concerns at the 5 as Wagner is very raw and Donnal seems to have a confidence problem near the rim.  Doyle seems to be the only serviceable big at the moment.
(Donnal is more of a forward but found himself at the 5 a few times last night)

  • Rashan Gary's mom said that she expects a family trip to Ann Arbor in January before signing day.   That seems like a very positive sign for the Wolverines.   If Gary announces at a All Star game that would before his scheduled 4th trip to Ann Arbor.   This probably means he is thinking more of a signing day announcement.

  • Sounds like Auburn has jumped into the top 3 for Devin Bush. Jr.,  Michigan and FSU are the other two.

  • Kingston Davis visited Louisville over the weekend and Kareem Walker is planning a visit to Auburn.

Coach Speak:  A couple of highlights from Jim's press conference yesterday:
  • With depth issues on the line, Strobel and Poggi are now two way players. 

  • DT Bryan Mone who got hurt in fall camp, might be available.  Many of us expected him to redshirt, would they play him with only 3 games to go?

  • Derrick Green didn't travel last week and has an injury.
  • Rudock and Chesson were co-offensive players of the week for the Big Ten
  • Rudock won the National Walter Camp Player of the Week

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