Friday, March 18, 2016

Michigan Friday: Michigan vs. ND in NYC

It was the early season football match-up we all looked forward to every year.  That is no longer the case, because ND has a time share agreement with the ACC for a condo in Hilton Head and prefers to keep the Purdue tradition alive rather then play Michigan every year. 

So what we have left is Michigan vs. ND in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament.   Michigan as you know played a First Four game in Dayton to earn the right to play in this game, ND earned the right by going 11-7 in the ACC and 21-11 overall. 

I don't know much about ND but reading a bit they sound a lot like Michigan, where they can be very good on offense but very bad on defense.   Like most college games, the team that gets stops and shoots the ball the best should win.  Michigan is very familiar with Barclay's Center and should feel comfortable playing there.  ND is favored by a basket.

It's on at 9:40 CBS.   Go Blue!

  • Jimmy and Art Briles are doing a joint satellite camp this summer at Baylor.   Its for Juniors or Seniors and it's scheduled for June 12th.

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Henry Otto PPMA said...

Coach Harbaugh should do a camp with UAB coaches. It is their first year back with football and it's in Alabama. Sec country lol