Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Jimmy to Hold Satellite Camp on The Moon

The man doesn't sleep and loves to work non-stop.  I believe one of the reasons it didn't work out for him in the NFL was, there wasn't enough to do everyday.   In college football there is always some offensive lineman to recruit or something for the head football coach to do.   It's a perfect fit for Jimmy.   When the NCAA killed the satellite camps, they pretty much took a month of work off of Jimmy's schedule.    Now, that those camps are back, Jimmy couldn't be happier.   He is even doing a few two camps a day, that are not even in the same state!   Yes, I'm sure private aviation is very nice! 

Now Jimmy is taking his show outside the continental US.   Per Sam Webb, Jimmy is now going to do camps in Samoa, Hawaii, and Australia.  He really is putting the "satellite" in satellite camps.   My only fear is he is going to have a hard time finding new assistant coaches down the line, when they learn their summer vacation is working 7 days a week doing camps.

Jimmy is also doing a camp at Paramus Catholic in NJ.  Which has made the local media and the coaches at Rutgers not very happy.   In response,  Rutgers is teaming up with Ohio State to have a camp within a few miles of Paramus on the same day.   Chris Ash the new head coach at Rutgers came from Urban's staff last year.

  • Homecoming against Illinois and Lovie Smith will kick at 3:30.

  • Michigan is the current leader for 4 star Alabama WR Nico Collins, he is 6'5 and 195 pounds.  Yes, please.

  • Texas 2017 5 Star outside linebacker Baron Browning will visit on June 21st


ScottyDoggs said...

satellite camp on the moon(?)... Laughed my guts off!... unfitting to use (lol)... it's funny but also perfectly describes the effort being put in by Harbaugh and staff. Kind'a used the "kill two birds with one stone" concept.

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