Thursday, July 21, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Nike is Coming - Nike is Coming!

Some of the gear that will be available on August 1st is starting to leak.   

Here are a few of my favorites:

One of the things to notice is the new Maize color.  Nike calls it Amarillo or if you are on the technical side it's PMS 7406.   It's common knowledge that Jimmy prefers a deeper Maize then the highlighter yellow that Adidas was going with.   Amarillo will be a special Nike color only for use by Michigan.

MDen will be open at Midnight on 8/1 for the launch.  It will be a big party staring late on July 31st on State Street as the Michigan Band will be playing, etc.

On August 2nd, Nike will have an invitation only Forged For Greatness: The Victors Dress Code Event in Detroit.  During this event the football jerseys and a new Michigan-themed AJ Trainer 1 shoe will also be introduced.   If your a Michigan fan and Sneakerhead, I suggest you pick up a pair of the AJ Trainers 1 quickly as they will sell out on August 2nd very quickly.  

On August 6th the football jerseys will be available for sale.  The basketball jerseys will be reviled closer to the season.

Nike Golf will also be making a higher end line of Michigan gear that will be available at M Den's Victors Collection.

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