Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Jedd to UCLA and More Whispers In The Wind

Yesterday, we had quite the news dump in the afternoon about the Michigan Football Team.   Let's hit the first news first.

Reports are that Jedd Fisch has accepted the OC position at UCLA.  Jedd was Michigan's passing coordinator (sort of like a co-OC position) and the Wolverines were getting him on a discount as the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars were still paying him the contract that he signed with them.  

It was only a matter of time before Jedd found another gig in college or the NFL.  This is a good job for him and I wish him well. 

I know we had a few questions in the comments about: What's next?

That is a hard question to answer as Jimmy pretty much invented this role for Jedd.   We know Jimmy likes to coach the QB's and I guess that would leave an opening maybe for a WR coach.   I know former 49'ers and Buffalo OC Greg Roman was in town and is close to Jimmy.   We also know that Michigan's full time OC Tim Drevno has also interviewed for a few head coaching roles.    If Tim had left, I would say that Greg would be a good candidate for the job.   Right now, I really don't see it happening as it would be a little too crowded with Tim and Greg in similar roles.   I would bet a $1 that Michigan is going to hire a WR coach.  

Erik "Soup" Campbell was on Jimmy's staff before he left for UConn which is also going through a coaching change.   He is a long time WR coach and I think would be a good fit. 

  • Scouts Sam Webb has now said he is willing to predict Najee Harris to Michigan.   Which would be great/ground breaking news as Alabama is getting ready to play in the NC game.   Harris is at the Army AA game this weekend and is expected to announce his final decision or he may just show up in Ann Arbor for classes.    We need some good news and this would be great news!

  • DPJ and Tarik Black were on Scouts Top 5 performers during Day 1 of Practices at the Army AA game.

  • Reports are that Tim Beck is leaving OSU for the OC role at Texas.   After that performance in the Fiesta Bowl, I'm guessing this is a mutual split.

  • John O'Korn is expected back for next season.

  • Ohio State Safety Malik Hooker is heading to the NFL

Some thoughts about Urban Meyer leaving OSU to the NFL.  Normally, I would dismiss this type of talk as Urban's offense is not really NFL quality.  We have just seen Chip Kelly fail at two NFL jobs and I expect that many NFL teams would be a little gun shy to hire Urban.  

With that said, there was plenty of talk of how calm Urban was during the bowl prep to play Clemson.  The ESPN announcers said, that usually he is very intense and this year he was just the opposite.   Is there a reason for this?   Your guess is good as mine, but maybe he has a hand shake deal with an NFL team?  


Cormac said...

Wikipedia already has Tim Beck at Texas.

Scott K said...

could barrett soon follow?

Tim said...

One one hand I could see Barrett follow. He is losing his OC and he has had a very solid college career.

One the other hand, do you leave early and be a late round pick?

Scott K said...

barrett to TX, not to the NFL.

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