Friday, March 24, 2017

Michigan Friday: Sometimes The Shots Don't Fall

In golf, some days you just can't make any putts and sometimes in basketball the shots just don't fall.  Last night was one of those nights for the Wolverines. 

The game was hard to watch as neither team for awhile looked like they could throw the ball in the ocean from the beach.   Michigan got caught playing up to Oregon's pace and at times the game looked more like a YMCA match up then an NCAA Sweet 16 game.    I can't remember Michigan ever shooting that many air balls from 3.   

With the up tempo pace and Michigan getting into foul trouble, I believe all the games the Wolverines have played in the last 3 weeks caught up with them.   They looked tired and just didn't have the bounce they have had in other games.    I was really upset that Robinson (Michigan's worst defender) was trying to check Oregon's best player. 

With that said, this team had a very good finish to the year and should be proud of how far they got in the tournament.   When you can leave the program as a senor with a banner hanging in Crisler, it was a good year.    Congratulations guys!

BTW, I had no problem with the last shot.  That is the guy I wanted with the ball in his hands.   Interesting how Spike's career comes to and end in the same building Michigan was playing in.
Kansas is really going to be hard to beat in KC. 

  • Michigan's Pro Day is today.   I hope all the guys make a great impression.  

  • Michigan also opens Spring Practice today.   It will be great to see what the coaches have in mind on the offensive line, WR and with the DB's.

  • Georgia DB Chris Smith will visit A2 on March 29th.

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