Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Recruiting and Other Blue Bullets

  • Michigan is looking to be in a strong position for 6'3 Atlanta Westlake 4 star cornerback Myles Sims.   Myles is looking to make a decision soon and has a final 4 of Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Clemson.  6'3 corner, yes please!

  • Instate recruiting last year had a ton of skill positions athletes like  DPJ and Ambry Thomas.   This year its all about the offensive line.  Ryan Hayes is the #1 recruit in the state and he is offensive lineman out of  Traverse City that just took a visit to Ann Arbor and really loved it.   Jalen Mayfield is a 3 star OL from Grand Rapids and was committed to "rowing his boat" in Minnesota before he got an offer from Michigan.   He de-committed from rowing and seems like a likely flip candidate.   It continues to be important to lock down the state!

  • IMG via Chicago OL Verdis Brown visited this past weekend.  

  • #1 TE in the country NY TE Jeremy Ruckert seems to be seriously considering two schools,  Michigan and OSU.   One school uses TE exclusively and other doesn't.  Seems like a no brainer.

  • Reports are that Jordan Kovas is back in Ann Arbor and helping with Spring Practice.   It seems Jordan is ready to take on his next chapter of being football coach.  

  • Michigan Basketball big man Mark Donnal is officially transferring for his graduate year.   This was expected as he participated in Michigan's senior day.   After the Oregon game, I expect that Wager and Wilson are going to be back in Ann Arbor for another year.


ScottyDoggs said...


I remember MGOBLOG once talking about the importance of posting everyday (or something like that)... and I was wondering (Bob), if you cannot post for a day or two, have guest bloggers (like VOR, Scott. K. Tim and others I can not remember at this time, just to keep up daily posts, instead of blank days.
MGOBLOG is a big deal, and it takes many people to do it. A little help for Bob would not be a bad idea (unless Bob wants it to be kept close to the vest).
I leave myself out of consideration; because I do no research, have no contacts, and just a leach for information from this site, and some games I watch on TV.
Maybe some one that goes to a spring practice or a game, can give a synopsis of what they were seeing... just a suggestion, consider it or regard it as a grain of salt.
Or review it like the republicans investigating Trump's interaction with Russia...ain't going to happen!

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