Sunday, November 15, 2020

Post Game: Michigan Beats ASU 8-1

 Michigan Hockey opened the season with a 8-1 victory over the #15 Arizona State Sun Devils. 

"That's one of the most talented teams on paper maybe in the last decade of college hockey, they're that good," ASU coach Greg Powers said. "When you don't have your legs and you're letting them play downhill like they did, I thought our D tonight really struggled. That's just a really talented team that we let execute and let them play the way they wanted to play.

"You flush it and we can hopefully get back into a routine tomorrow. At the end of the day, a loss is a loss. Obviously is it embarrassing to lose 8-1 in your opener, yes. There were a lot of uncontrollable forces at play that contributed to this, but we weren't sharp or ready to go, and they were."

Michigan was 3-4 on the power play and out shot the Sun Devils 57-38 and 37-16 on goal.  The Wolverines and Sun Devils will meet again today at 5:00.   ASU will be adding one more defensemen as Jacob Semik is coming off a suspension. 


Goblu said...

Best post-game news in 10 years.

MikeCay93 said...

I don’t blame you for not wasting your time writing about this sorry excuse of a team. If the MSU loss wasn’t the final straw I don’t know what is. Harbaugh and Co not even trying to win.. the players look like they could careless. Fire Harbaugh. Let’s get ready for another few years of pain. GOBLUE

Goblu said...

You mean “couldn’t care less.”

szanreno said...

I love studying the box score and stats to see if there is anything you can glean as a positive from the game. Passing yards at 172 is not terrible but everything else is. Under 20 minutes in time of possession and 11 first downs shows no semblance of control. You don't want to talk about WISC. As far as the players I don't want to say they couldn't care less, I hate to think they've given up. I want to say it's frustration from the coaching, preparation or whatever. Hate that thought of giving up... They seem to be trying, it's just their a step behind everyone. The un-answered question remains, why are they "all" playing poorly? Why is it not just a position group or a couple of key guys? Why is it "everyone"? Very strange. We need a true insider. If these were pro players I would go down another road. FYI,,, looking at the box score from the MSU game you might think we won that game if you didn't know.