Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roy Round 2

Many of us had thought Roy Roundtree would be forever lost after Tate Forcier went all "Rock Star" on us.  Roy was Tate's favorite target and early on it looked like he was going to break receiving records at Michigan.  Then Denard took over and Roy seemed to be the second or third option in this offense.  Roy appeared briefly last year when he caught the game winning TD catch from Denard to beat ND.   Today Roy did it again with a 50 yard tipped pass with 8 seconds left to force OT against Northwestern.  Round Two knock down and a TKO in OT.

Roy might of had his best game as a Michigan Wolverine today.  As I write this, the stats are not available on how many receiving yards he had.  If you think about it he made big catch, after big catch.  Props goes to Devin as well.   That pick looked like it was going to cost Michigan the game but being able to throw the ball in the air some 50 or 60 yards was a huge way to make up for that mistake. 

The dream is still alive.  Go Penn State!


  • Kovas #11 well deserved
  • Devin Gardner's right arm and strong legs.  
  • Roy Roundtree almost perfect day
  • Kenny Demens for the big tackle and read on 4th down
  • Fitz played hard (wasn't real happy with the fumble on the 5 yard line)
  • Loved the 4th down in OT defensive formation it fooled NW into thinking the dive was open.
  • Too many missed tackles.  Should have been the difference in the game
  • Stupid penalty on Beyer in the 4th quarter
  • Barnum had a terrible day on the O line
  • Too many missed assignments on defense
  • I thought some of the blitzes were not a good idea against Colter
  • I'm sure Greg Mattison is not happy with the defense overall today
This is a nice win for the Wolverines but I feel great for both Devin and Roy.  They both played very well today.  Great job guys and Go Blue!

BTW: If Big Al ran that sweep to left one more time, I think I was going to lose my mind.


Voice of Reason said...

I'm beginning to think the DG would have been a better option against those teams that have "figured out" Denard. The offense is completely different when each are at the controls. I think it is becomming obvious that DG should have been given the controls when DR went out in those losses even though he didn't have any good snaps in practice those weeks. Russell B was completely out of his league and should be considered an emergency only option. I don't know if one of the walk-ons wouldn't have done any better.

One of the initial questions should have been asked by the staff at the beginning of the year, "What is more important to have locked down, the reserve QB or the 3rd WR option?" I'm thinking that the answer would have been the QB position, although I believe that it was smart to get DG on the field which helped him to get a good feel for the game speed, I see DG as a QB first and I would have given him some meaningful snaps at practice every week, and he would have been my first option off the bench. [How's that for hind sight reasoning?]

Lionman said...

NW played us tough today...lucky win! We cannot make any mistakes going forward, bet Iowa plays the best game of the year against us too. Thank goodness for Roundtree, the D, and DG! GO BLUE!

Bob said...

VOR, I agree with you. Devin is a QB, I don't mind them getting him on the field at WR but he is a QB first. I thought he was always the #2 and would come in when needed. I was wrong.

It's hard to bench Denard but during the Bama and ND games, we could have had a lift from another type of QB. Sort of a Brady - Henson type of deal. Or how NW managed their two QB's during US this week. I would have liked to have seen Michigan mix it up a bit because it's clear Michigan is completely a different team on offense when Devin is in there. For example: Hello Roy Roundtree.