Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Big Mike and Eddie Is Doing What?

PFF graded out Big Mike Onwenu as the top Guard in the NFL on Sunday.  That is a pretty high honor for a guy in his first NFL start.   Coach Warriner is clearly a great coach and should get a raise.  Clarkston, Michigan 4 star offensives lineman should take notice of what Big Mike did on Sunday and re-think their decisions.   

  • Former Wolverine WR Eddie McDoom is back in the transfer portal after opting out of the season for South Florida.  

  • Its reported on twitter that Mayfield was the only Wolverine asking for reinstatement.  Meaning Nico and Ambry are off to the NFL.  

  • Free Wolverine Devotee! 

  • Michigan is #21 in the Coaches and #23 in the AP. The loss of Nico and Ambry have to be affecting Michigan's Pre-Season fall in the rankings as they haven't lost a game all year.  

  • I look forward to an all Michigan KC Chiefs defensive line that includes: Frank Clark, Taco, and Mike Danna. 


Rudy said...

Interesting decision for Nico and Ambry. Neither of them were highly regarded as to league honors last season, I think both were Honorable Mentions. Lavert Hill was rater higher and he's barely made a practice squad. Really seems they'd be able to build stock with a good season and go in as legitimate draft contenders. Instead, they are just rolling the dice. It troubles me that UM has so many that opt out, skip bowl games and whatnot....seemingly in contract to The Team The Team The Team concept.

szanreno said...

Good post. I especially hate it when guys sit out the bowl games.