Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Wonders If Coaching Is Overrated in College?

The new Lions coaching staff has been a bit frustrated with former OSU CB Jeff Okuda and his lack of past coaching:  "If you look at what he was asked to do at Ohio State, it was look at this guy, eliminate this guy only. Don’t look anywhere else, don’t worry about any checks, don’t worry about any balances, don’t worry about anything," he said. "And now, in the NFL, it’s a different game. So, sometimes, you’ve got to communicate, sometimes, you’ve got to get off, sometimes, people put you in splits, where you can’t always press and you’ve got to make sure you’re sharpening your tools in your toolshed so when you do, you’re able to use those." 

At Michigan we take pride in that our coaches can develop talent and turn players into good NFL prospects.  It seems Ohio State's strategy is to recruit elite talent, have a good offensive scheme, and get them to the league in 3 years.   Coaching is optional (some believe classes are as well). 

OSU has had plenty of successful CB's in the NFL in recent years so its not a systemic problem, but it is interesting that Ohio State hasn't had a successful QB in the NFL for many years.  I do think the Bears stole Justin Fields and he will be a Pro Bowl caliber in a few years. 

I know its pre-season but I watched most of the Jags game last night and it seems Urban is confused that his plays are not working in the NFL.   Urban is not used to losing and if things start going bad in Jacksonville, he will retire again with a new aliment. 

If you ever start thinking that recruiting is not important, OSU, Alabama, and Clemson has built powerhouse programs with elite recruiting.  Each one of those programs also does a very good job getting their elite talent the most touches. 

  • Taco got cut by the Chiefs, everyone needs pass rush and I'm sure he will get another opportunity
  • Hutch is named to the 2nd Team Pre-Season CBS All American Team
  • I don't understand this Big Ten, PAC 12, and ACC alliance and why the Big Ten would want to do it. 


napo said...

I believe that it all about: "Postseason championships and future formats" They are going to try to insure that there are never three SEC teams in the college football playoffs

MichiganMan said...

Guys I am back from Dubai did we get any five star recruits.... Is harbor still around is our team winning a championship a lot of questions that are not answered....

Look for life

MichiganMan said...

Just looked at the schedule I think we are going eight and five
at best