Saturday, September 4, 2021

Western Michigan Game Review

Mike Mulholland |

My first thought after the opening drive was, "That's how you start a new season!" After Michigan kicked off and the defense self-destructed with a bad penalty that cost Michigan 7 points.   My second thought was, "this is all too familiar".

The good thing is Michigan didn't hit the reverse button and played solid football from there on out.   I don't remember Michigan having 335 yards on the ground lately and even though the pass game had a conservative 216 yards, there were some explosive plays in there. 

The play in the first half was quickly quieted after Ronnie Bell suffered  (what looks to be) a year ending injury after making an unbelievable one handed catch, a 76 yard TD pass, and an impressive punt return.   He was the best WR on the field and now it looks like he will be watching the rest of the season from the sidelines. 

It was great to see fans in the stands again. 

Michigan played well, but you know the drill, there're plenty of Cheers and Jeers to discuss:


-Running Game (Corum, Haskings, Sweeps, etc.)

-No turnovers

-Special Teams 

-Youth at QB and RB 

-Cade did his job 

-Defense was better 

-Hutch and Hill are really good 

- Hill-Green has a huge upside 

-CB's played ok and didn't seem out of position 

-Big House fans


-Ronnie Bell injury 

-Defensive line could of played better.  Weren't dominate 

-Offensive line was good in spurts - need more consistency 

-1st down play calling has to be better and you just can't run every time

-End of the half at the goal line seemed to be a cluster 

-Big Ten officials are just terrible and want to be a big part of the game 

-Defense needs to stop the run  (WMU 126 on the ground) and get a better pass rush (191 through the air). 

It was a fun game outside the Bell situation.  JJ's throw across the field was just crazy.  I was glad that lots of folks played.   I had hoped both lines would be more dominate and the defense will have to play better next week to get a win over a ranked Washington team.  Still I will take a 47-14 win any day over anyone!   


Justwin said...

Was a solid game, and I’m hopeful that Cade is the guy we hope he is. I wonder if Bell tweaked his knee on the one-hand grab. Looked like an odd landing - and it was a BS call.

All-all, the game we needed to start the season. And next week we can see if it was a fluke or the start of something.

Bucknuts seems fine against Minn, but def not scary. I hope that’s a sign of things to come.

szanreno said...

Montana beat Washington?!? Anybody smell a trap?

szanreno said...

Michigan went from unranked to 13th in the latest ESPN poll. A win over Western Michigan does that much?

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