Friday, October 8, 2021

Nebraska Preview

USA Today
Time: 7:30 EST
Location: Memorial Stadium
Weather: Low 80's, 7% chance of rain
Line: Michigan -2.5

Dear Jimmy, 
I asked you to prove it to us last week and you and your team did just that.   Now, comes another test and another night road game.  We know your football sensibilities lead you to this being a 12:00 kick but this one will start a bit later.   Nebraska is also hitting their stride and another program looking for a signature win to get back their historic ways.   They started the year with a terrible loss to Illinois, but have played much better on the road against ranked Oklahoma and Michigan State.  They then had the confidence boost of putting a 50 burger on Northwestern just last week.   The Husker crowd will be ready and will spend all day in the parking lot slamming beers in 80 degree weather before kickoff.  

The College Football community is sniffing a big upset this weekend for the Wolverines, that the Maize and Blue got over one hill last week, but clearly can't get over another this week in Lincoln, Nebraska.   Sold out stadium, national TV, night game, and a Nebraska team that badly needs that big win.   The house again with be against your team and anything positive that you do.  

Jimmy, I know you read my letters to get clear insight and strategy for the game.  The key for Saturday night is stopping Nebraska QB Adrian (don't call me Taylor) Martinez who has been in Lincoln for at least 10 years.  He even played the last time Michigan faced Nebraska in the Big House.   He is a running first QB and stopping him the option is going to be the #1 key in winning this football game.   We saw your defense not read and react so well against Rutgers when they tried to run that type of offense.   I'm betting Mike Macdonald and the rest of the Doobie Brothers have been working on that all week.

Nebraska's defense is also much improved and is already game tested against good teams.  The "Black Shirts" will be ready to stop Michigan's run game and pressure Cade all night.  Having a good offense strategy and getting the ball to Corum in space is going to be a huge factor.  Don't let up on being aggressive on offense, that was a big reason you won last week.   Also, lets not get fancy with squib kicks prior to halftime, that was a real clown call and could of cost your team a win and a turn in momentum.  

If Michigan can play their own game and stop Nebraska at what they do, you will have a happy late night flight home.  In fact, I'm willing to call the Big Ten offices and get your program a week off next week if you can come home with a victory! As you know, every week is another test in the Big Ten and this one is going to be another difficult game for the Wolverines.  Play great defense, play smart aggressive football on offense, win special teams and you will have the formula for a win on Saturday night.   We have another prove it to us game and this one is a big one.   Michigan is the better team with better talent, don't let the corn haze get into your eyes.  This is the Maize and Blue time!

Michigan 24 Nebraska 21


Justwin said...

Mich is better team for sure. But Martinez scares me. I know we joke, but literally how many years has this dude played!!??

This is a fingers crossed game for me. One we def should win - and the type we have blown the past decade.

Unknown said...

I don't recall which team it was earlier in the year, Western or Washington I think, but one of the O line had a red shirt year, a medical red shirt year then the Covid year. 7 years the guy has been in the program! He was closer to 30 than 20! Martinez has nothing on that guy.

Justwin said...

Tough, gritty win. Defense was mia too much the 2nd half. But, as Cade said, this is a game Mich loses the last 10 years.