Monday, November 29, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: An Early Look at Iowa

Michigan has another game this weekend and it still seems very strange.  Ann Arbor resident and NBC lead broadcaster Mike Tirico, summed up the weekend late on Sunday night after the Ravens beat the Browns:  "For the week, Harbaugh's 2 - Ohio nothing."

Guys, I'm still feeling the joy from that win.  It just feels so damn good! 

I've been keeping an eye on Big Ten Championship tickets but it seems Ohio State fans that purchased ahead is trying to get a bump in their holiday budgets by reselling tickets for ridiculous prices.   I'm not going to purchase a pair of bad seats for over $1000.   At that point, you just watch it in HD. 

Michigan now has its "do you believe in Miracle's game" over the Russians and now must play Finland for the Gold Metal. 

On to Iowa:  

The Hawkeyes came out hot to a 6-0 record with winds over #9 ISU and #4 PSU.   Then they hit 2 loses in a row to Purdue and Wisconsin then finished 4-0 over bad Big Ten teams.   Iowa is known to have a very solid defense but struggles on offense.  

Pass yards per game: 178 

Rushing yards per game: 121

Iowa scores: 25 points per game 

Give up: 17 points 

If Ohio State is a bad match-up for the Wolverines, Iowa is a good match on both sides of the ball.  There is no mystery with Iowa and they win by playing hard nose football and count on getting a few turnovers.   Iowa is all about waiting for the game to change.  Best example is the Penn State game.  Iowa was getting run off the field, then Clifford goes down and the Hawkeyes make a comeback and win the game.  

The key for the Wovlerins is to not make mistakes and play fundamental football.  

Michigan is -10.5

  • Michigan landed a 2023 commit from 4-star DT Joel Starlings from VA!  Welcome big man! 
  • Deep thought:  Hard for OSU to win their Golden Pants pendent when Michigan wears Navy pants. 👍
  • Crazy coaching job changes:
    • Riley to USC - PAC 12 equals an easier road then SEC.  OK in the SEC is Ole Miss. 
    • Louisiana's Billy Napier goes to Florida.  Good hire! 
    • LSU?
    • Nick Sheridan out as IU's OC 
    • Now what at OK?  Big game Bob stepping in for the Bowl Game 
    • Duke thinks they can find a better coach then David Cutcliffe
    • Reports are that Joe Moorehead might take the Akron job.  Seems like he could get a better one then that. 
    • Ryan Osborn on Michigan's non-field coaching staff, was hired by UConn
    • Jerry Kill gets another head job at New Mexico State 
    • 21 head coaching opening in total this year so far
  • Hutch and H2 combine for the Walter Camps Defensive and Offensive players of the week.  Add the same award for the Big Ten Players of the Week. 
  • PFF College says that no other player has had more QB hurries then Hutch did in the OSU game since they have been tracking it since 2014. That number was 15.
  • John Madden texts Jimmy: “as good as an offensive line performance he’s seen in a game” 
  • I can't imagine how many people watched The GAME? 15M maybe?


MichiganMan said...

You are right Bob...this game left everyone feeling good...I will enjoy this victory for years to come...I wonder how long can I keep this game on DVR?

I hope we are not too high where we go into Big Ten Championship game and lay a goose egg like MSU did with Purdue after win over the Good Guys...

GoBow...this blog is not for you my friend since comments here are not educated enough for you...Good luck to you buddy on your studies...

Blue for LIfe
Hire and Fire Don Brown...

Goblu said...

Actually, there are plenty of highly thoughtful and insightful comments from many people in here. Just re-read your posts and you'll see how repetitive and shallow yours are.

I'm following Justwin's approach and am done engaging with you. Your useless comments are for you to enjoy on your own.

Tim said...

Great post Goblu.

Now I need to stop watching highlights from Saturday and get to work :)

szanreno said...

Bucknutsackboy is losing friends here quicker that, oh wait, he never had any friends here. I'm in.
The win on Saturday was indeed great. Ranks right up there with the 96 win for me. That fourth quarter drive was a thing of beauty. But I digress...
I think Voice of Reason said no one plays a perfect game, and that still holds true, however the Wolves came as close as you could on Saturday. No sacks, no tackles for loss, two penalties, 7.2 yards per rush, Hutchinson, Ojabo, 3rd down efficiency, two punts, all TD's in the red zone, etc etc. I'll read a box score to death. It was a thing of beauty. I don't think I said crap 10 times during the game.
Let not get out over our skis with a point spread of -8.5 over Iowa. Other than not knowing right now what QB is playing, they usually are a pretty sound outfit waiting on you to make mistakes. If we play sound, nothing fancy needed, I believe we win the game. IMHO.
I like how Harbaugh said "this is the start"! Go Blue!

Goblu said...

Loved that "this is the start" comment. Iowa always scares me, bc they've been a curse for us at times. But, not playing at night outside at IA makes me less worried. This game is solely and completely about coaching - will they get this team as pumped up as last Saturday. Can that intensity persist? Iowa will be hungry, and we need to stomp on their throats!

ScottyDoggs said...

Good judgement oft JustWin and Goblu, etc. Ignore someone craving for attention (like a two year old) will irritate them the most. I admit I am now a fairweather Michigan fan, a great season.... but the detrimental effects of paying college players has yet to surface, down the road interviews for prospects will be 50% (how much money can I make?),boosters will come out under the rotting wood and start to spend millions, bidding wars will take place, "cats will marry dogs", hoards of locusts, etc.

MichiganMan said...

Guys we have to take care of IOWA...hope our boys are just as hungry as they were with OSU....

Blue for life
Hire and Fire Don Borwn

Blue In Ohio said...

This Iowa matchup has me nervous as it is the perfect trap for overconfidence. I think we need to come out throwing and catch them sitting on the run game. Once we get up a couple of scores we can return to balance and play bully ball.
Do not be fooled...this Iowa defense is for real and very opportunistic.