Monday, November 15, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: An Early Look at Maryland

Michigan is coming off a very good road win and Maryland is coming off a loss after a trip to East Lansing.   Maryland like Michigan as a former Alabama Coordinator running its offense and also has a Tua at QB.   The problem is neither guy took a bunch of the 5 star talent at Bama with them.   

Maryland always runs out to a quick start to the season and this year was no exception.  As they went 4-0 with a nice win over WVU in the opener.  Then they had a 3 game losing streak, a win over IU, then two more straight losses.   Now Maryland is 5-5 fighting for bowl eligibility with Michigan and Rutgers still to go.

Maryland 5-5 

Best win = WVU 

Pass Yards = 319 per game

Run Yards = 112 per game 

Scores 27 points per game 

Gives up 31 points per game 

3:30 kickoff on Big Ten Channel 

Michigan -15 

This game is all about Michigan and not Maryland, as this is a trap game of all trap games in between Penn State and Ohio State.   It sounds like Corum is either out until Ohio State or maybe a bowl game.  So it will probably will be the Haskins show again.  

  • Penn State had a 75% win percentage rate after they kicked the field goal to take the lead
  • Gary suffered a bad arm injury against the Seahawks last night. 
  • Domani Jackson has de-committed from USC and will visit for the Ohio State game.  Unfortunately, it seems to be an Alabama or USC battle for the talented 5 star.  
  • Washington has fired Jimmy Lake after bad performances and a sideline incident.  Giles Jackson transferred there prior to the season. 
  • I hope Harbaugh has some positive injury news during his press conference today. 


szanreno said...

Since the news is slow, here's the question of the day. Who is going to replace Brandstatter as play by play man? I assume Dierdorf is leaving as well. Like Jim just not as a play by play guy. Spoiled by Beckman I guess. Beckman had a bit of Keith Jackson in him. Anyway does anyone know or want to render a guess?!?

Cormac said...

I heard the opposite about DJ. I heard that it is a "battle" between Alabama and Michigan.

Blue In Ohio said...

I would be shocked if he ends up in AA.

Blue In Ohio said...

Not gonna see BC until OSU...