Monday, November 1, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: An Early Look at IU

Part of me wants to discuss all the problems from Saturday's game, but that really doesn't help us move forward by looking back with a negative eye.   Michigan is still ranked in the top 10 and has all of their goals still in front of them.   Time to move the focus to the next game.  

Before we go there, I would like to throw Fox Sports under the bus.  Fox has always been a partner of the Big Ten as they own a large percentage of the Big Ten Channel.   No problem there, the issue is when Fox Sports proper jumped into the College Football mix and picked up a Big Ten contract.  

Fox also has the best "booth" in the business with Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt.  Again no problem there. 

Here are my issues with the network:

1. Way too many commercial breaks, Fox Sports games are at least a 1/2 a quarter behind every other game at the same start time.  Less Geico more Football please. 

2. Forcing bad primetime games.   

3. Bad pre-game show.  They hired Urban Meyer.  More CWood less Reggie Bush. 

Fox to take the Michigan - IU game to primetime is one of the worst decisions possible.  Why?  Because Fox knows that at least they will get Michigan fans to tune in.  My understanding is that Big Ten rules dictate that both programs have to agree to play a night game in November.   Warde, not a good decision.   (I've been told by reader Jon, that Big Ten rule starts after this weekend, so I can't blame Warde on this one - Fox gets all the blame!) 


These are not the COVID Hoosiers that took college football by storm last season.  This year they're 0-5 in the Big Ten (last place East) and 2-6 overall with wins against WKU and Idaho.  They have lost 4 in row with a 38-35 loss to Maryland on Saturday. 

Sounds like a perfect primetime game.  7:30 kick at the Big House.  For fans attending that want to stay for the entire game, pack a sleeping bag as you will be there until Sunday morning. 

Rush for 124 yards per (97th)

Throw for 202 yards per (96th) 

Score 22 points per game (210th wow!)

Give up 31 points per game (106th)

  • Gary Patterson is out at TCU and former Gophers coach Jerry Kill will be taking over for the rest of the season.   I did not know Jerry was still coaching and glad his health has allowed him to do so. 
  • There seems to be a new recruiting service called On3, which has taken a ton of the former Michigan Rivals recruiting guys. 
  • I also learned after the post on Saturday that Cade was in the tent working through an injury during the second JJ fumble in the 4th quarter.   That is why JJ was in the game at that time.    


MichiganMan said...

I am still speechless...nothing to say....

Blue for Life
Fire Garbagebauh...hire someone who know how adjust during the game...

Why didn't we stack the box against their runnnnnnnn......Why Bob...please explain that on Tuesday's blog...please...

Chowman said...

MichiganMan said...
Why didn't we stack the box against their runnnnnnnn.

Especially after Nailer went out. If Thorne and Reed beat us so be it. But take the run away!

Goblu said...

I feel a bit better (very slightly) that the JJ fumble wasn’t an intentional substitution. But, wonder why not call a time out and see if Cade can return.

I was thinking Macdonald would be a good replacement for Jimmy. But not now sure.

Rudy said...

On the JJ call; he could have been the hero or the zero...everyone would be singing JH's praise had JJ been the hero. I don't have a problem with the call, just wish the result would have been better. Betting nobody is more pissed than JJ so he'll be better because of it. Just need to run the table now and that's certainly doable. Been a lot of talk this year about how this team is different and the culture has is the time to see. Does the team bounce up off the matt or lay there and bleed. I think they'll bounce up. Sparty will lose two games coming up and the $uckeye game in the BigHouse will be for all the marbles.

szanreno said...

This game really bums me out. This is my Ohio State. I'd rather beat MSU and Notre Dame than anyone else. I guess all the people wanting JJ have now had their fill. I only saw the first quarter and a half and I thought we had it pretty well under control. Later on my usual asshole brother-in-law told me we got screwed by the refs and lost. I don't even feel like going on YouTube and watching the highlights and how is anyone going to be rah rah Saturday night? Yes the whole season still is in front of them. They have to have a workman like effort against Indiana to get back up for the end of season run. As far as Harbaugh. He'll get at least 9 wins and he's not going anywhere unless he wants to. Still faithful, still Go Blue!