Friday, January 14, 2022

Michigan Friday: Welcomes Home Mike Alston

Reports are that Michigan Football has poached ND's coaching staff of a Michigan Man.  Mike Alston was a Michigan LB recruited out of Ohio from 1993-1996.  He then joined Carr's staff as a grad assistant for the 1997 National Championship run.  Stayed for a few more years, until a job a EMU popped up.  Since then, has been with Brian Kelly at CMU, Cincy, and ND.   He is now coming home to where he belongs.  

Mike is known as a great DL coach and recruiter.   It was expected he would be named the ND DC under Markus Freeman, that not happening has become Michigan's gain.   This is a home run hire for all the reasons above.   This also means that Ryan Osborn is probably looking for another role now.   Many had expected Ryan to get the spot.  

Another thing jumping through your mind might be:  How does this effect Jimmy's return to Michigan?

  1. Head coach makes the final decision on hires 
  2. Harbaugh is out recruiting and hiring new coaches 
  3. Raiders are in the playoffs and Jimmy seems to be enjoying the process 
  4. PFF reports Jimmy has not been interviewed formally for any NFL Job
  5. All signs point to Jimmy staying.  If he does jump to the Raiders, the replacement is already on staff. 
My best guess is we will have a decision on Monday if the Raiders lose. 

  • Big 2023 Recruiting Weekend, with the DT transfer and 2022 RB from Dallas. 
  • Michigan's right tackle Andrew Stueber announced he has declared for the NFL Draft. 
  • Noah Cain jumps into the portal and then jumps to LSU
  • Andre Seldon is transferring to New Mexico State 


Kid Adorable said...

It's Elston.

Voice of Reason said...

I have to admit, that when Harbaugh cleaned out his staff last year and kept Nua I was very surprised. Nua didn't appear to be a great recruiter or a great coach so I thought that maybe I was wrong. However, I don't think so, it's quite possible that Nua was released by Harbaugh to go seek out employment elsewhere thereby going to USC. Mike Elston is a big improvement over Nua in both categories. IMHO!!!

Justwin said...

Raiders lost, so we shall see. I would hope that hearing all the raiders players saying that want to keep their interim coach would be a disincentive for Jim.