Monday, January 10, 2022

Michigan Monday: NFL Fired Coaches and Jimmy

Today is the day where a lot of NFL coaches are let go.  We already know of an expected opening in Chicago, with the Raiders and Jags already making midyear changes.   Then there might be a few surprises like with the Texans, Giants, and Seahawks.   Bears and Vikings now have openings. Miami is a surprise opening.   Jimmy's teams don't play well in Hard Rock Stadium, but we all know who owns the team, Stephen Ross.  

So how does this effect Jimmy?  Hard to tell, but this is what I've been reading this weekend.  

  • Jay Glazer is saying that Jimmy has been calling around the NFL to see if staff might be interested in working with him. 
  • Michigan Insiders don't seem to be worried and expect there is a large extension with staff raises on the table. 
  • We know the connection with Chicago and Vegas.  What I didn't know is Jimmy's wife lived in Vegas for some time and really enjoyed it.   The Raiders won a crazy game last night and are headed to the playoffs, so they won't be making any hirings for a least a week. 
  • Some are saying the Giants are his preferred job and that job might not be available. 
  • Jimmy and his son were at the Michigan Hockey game on Saturday.
  • Most folks close to Jimmy are calling a 50/50 decision.  I still don't see him living in Vegas.  
So not a ton of new news but a decision could come anytime.  I'm sure Warde understands these timelines and getting something done. 

  • Michigan Basketball has had to cancel games against MSU and Purdue.
  • There is a rumor Michigan is targeting a big time DL coach at Texas A&M.  They just signed one of the best recruiting classes ever. 
  • Did you know the SEC/National Championship game is tonight?   Georgia is favored. 
  • Chris Evans got another NFL TD yesterday.
  • Chuck Filaga and Vincent Gray both also are leaving.   Chuck is in the portal and Vince is heading to the NFL.  Chuck is going to be a great plug and play Guard and Vince saw all the talent coming and thought now is the best time to head to the league.  Go luck to both! 


ScottyDoggs said...

Jim Brandstatter said that sports are headed for "dark days", for subscribers only....but I wonder if he is referring to the "NIL" program.... I believe it is progressing "badly", worse than I thought, and the transfer portal will become a curse, allowing other colleges to bid on your players. I am Not even a great armchair general, but Harbaugh should go to NFL because college football is about to turn upside down and get toxic, at least the NFL is a level playing field, college football will be on "LSD", and no longer "college football, but a mini NFL, on steroids. Absolute mayhem, like the Outback Steakhouse, "where there are no rules"

szanreno said...

Sadly enough I agree with you. I like Jim. I'd hate to see him head to the NFL as much as I hate the deteriorating college football environment. I've been done with the NFL for a few years, adding college to the no fly list would suck in that I've seen the glory years of the past...

Chowman said...

Adapt or die, or at least become irrelevant! Like it or not, this is the new landscape in college football: NIL and the transfer portal. Teams that embrace both, will be competitive, teams that don't will fall behind. I'd argue embracing NIL and the TP is going to level the playing field, at least for some teams. Look will it allow Northwestern to win a Naty? No, but they NEVER were. There were always only a handful of teams that were ever going to be true contenders for a Naty. You can't tell me a school like Michigan, with the alumni base, with the boosters this program has and the national brand, that this program can't put together a NIL program that is the envy of the rest of college football. And as far as having the over-the-top strict transfer policy for undergrad transfers for football? That's just stupid. Elite level football talent doesn't go to schools for a degree, they go to play for a coach that they feel puts them in the best position to get to the NFL. College football has become the minor leagues for the NFL. When it comes to high level college football, they stopped being amateurs a long time ago!

Cormac said...

Stephen Ross has said that he will NOT be taking Jim Harbaugh from Michigan.

ScottyDoggs said...

Yes Chowman, you made some valid points.... I feel like a man yelling at the Model T's going down the road (wanting to go back to the horse/buggy days)...true about the academics....did not someone on this blog mention that some Ohio State players were mostly taking online classes and not even in the classroom (last year or so) football is rapidly changing(like the kittyhawk to the German jet in WWII....I just wonder what Bo would say about all this.....and does anyone know what Jim Brandstatter said.. I am too cheap to get the Free Press (in Texas).