Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: James Ross Gets a DC Role

James Ross III has been interested in coaching after his playing career.  He spent a year as the DC at Detroit Loyola then been on Michigan's staff as a graduate assistant before he took the LB coaching role at Hope College last season.  Yesterday, he was named the new DC at Hope College, and this is clearly the first step in big things to come for the former Michigan LB.  

“I’m so excited about what James Ross is going to bring to the table as defensive coordinator,” Stuursma said. “As we were talking about this, I asked him to put a little presentation together for me. Twenty minutes into that, I knew where we wanted to go. James brings such energy, enthusiasm, and instant credibility with our players. Since April, to watch the relationship he has with our players, it is really a lot of fun and exciting for me."

"James is the consummate football coach who is dedicated to mentoring and participating in the development of the young men he coaches and teaches,” Harbaugh said when Ross was hired as Hope’s linebackers coach. “He played and conducted himself at a high level as a student-athlete and later as an outstanding football coach at the University of Michigan.”

  • Luke Fickell got an extension at Cincinnati for $5M a year, really strange he didn't get hired this off season.   
  • Yesterday, I forgot to give congratulations to former Wolverine Blake Countess who was a late signee in the season and participated on Special Teams for the Rams.  If you remember, Blake played at Michigan, got his degree, and took a grad-transfer to Auburn for his final year. 
  • Right now, ND has the #1 rated 2023 recruiting class (24/7), Michigan is #8


ScottyDoggs said...

Yes Szanreno, Beckman will be missed by many, will always be part of the Michigan legacy.
As self-appointed head of Odd-facts at BHB, Since 1945 we have had (me thinks) only 3 major radio announcers . The U of M football team had no coach 1879 to 1890 (winning % 0f 69.1%), very close to percentage of wins with a coach.... to bolster the RR haters.... Rich Rod only won 25% of Big
Ten games (ouch)!

szanreno said...

I know I asked this question before but who do you think will replace Brandstatter? I believe Jon Jansen will be in the mix somewhere but I'm not sure where. Anybody got any ideas? I enjoy college football on the radio as much as TV. Hard to sync it up though.

Voice of Reason said...

I remember one of the farewell interviews Jon Jansen did with Brandstatter, and I believe I heard Brandstatter make a comment to Jansen that indicated that he knew Jansen would be in the booth doing the games. I would be surprised if Jansen isn't one of the two guys in the booth. IMHO!!!

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