Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Decision Day Approaches

Michigan Basketball 2022-23 season is in a bit of flux at the moment.  Yes, we know they are going to Europe later this summer but who will be on the roster?  Michigan's two 5-star recruits from last season are contemplating their professional careers.  Caleb Houstan who was projected to be a lottery pick, did not have a good year on the floor and seems to have a secret deal with OKC at pick 24.   Moussa Diabate is barely showing up on any mock drafts and is expected to go undrafted.  

They both need to make a decision about their future soon as the deadline is tomorrow.  

Houstan is playing a dangerous game if he stays in the draft, because he will be headed to the G-League for sure to work on his game.   He is also counting on OKC having that pick and not trading it.    This feels a lot like the Jordan Poole situation to me.  Will OKC develop and stay with Houstan like Golden State did with Poole?  I don't believe that is a common situation in the NBA.    

Smart play: is to go back to Ann Arbor and work on his game and become that lottery pick scouts expected him to be in the 2023 Draft.

What do I expect? For Caleb to stay in the draft.  

Diabate thinks he might have a decision to make, but he really doesn't.  If you're not expected to even go in the 2nd round, going back to A2 is the only decision. 

Moussa is a freak athletically but as rare as rare can be on the basketball court.   Big men are not what they used to be in the NBA and working with Juwan for a couple more years, will be a great investment in his future.  

The only play here is to go back to Ann Arbor.

What do I expect? I think this is a 50/50 decision for him and he is weighing between G-League and Big Ten.   Tough to call, but I think he heads back to Ann Arbor.  

  • Congratulations to Michigan Baseball who made an unexpected run to the Big Ten Tournament Title over the weekend.  They also stole a bid in the NCAA Tournament.
  • Michigan Football has made the top 7 for one of the best football players in the country Nyckoles Harbor. I hope he harbors some positive feelings for the Maize and Blue! 
  • Hutch's sister was named Miss Michigan.  Great Spring/Summer for the Hutchinson family! 


Brady2017 said...

I don't understand Houstan's and Diabate's rush to go undrafted and end up in the G league bus tour. Do they have that little faith in themselves? Are that that broke?? C'mon guys, use your head and come back for another season at Michigan. This shouldn't even have a second thought.

Tim said...

I agree with you Brady, but I am afraid they are getting poor advice. From our chair it seems like a no brainer. But there are most likely people close to them giving them poor advice - most likely for selfish motives.

Unknown said...

LOL....don't you think these players should first have a successful college year first?

ScottyDoggs said...

I feel like a creepy old pervert (which I am), but I looked up the pictures of Miss Michigan contest and the winner was a knock out .... now back to my shuffle board game (not pocket pool).

szanreno said...

We made his top 7. GD give me a break...

Rudy said...

Before the two of them made their decisions to go to the NBA, UM was a bit more stingy on the NIL opportunities. They've recently started to loosen the restrictions so maybe that plays a role in both players going back to school. They might be able to make just as much in school than being a B player. As for the "top 7" in consideration recruiting....stopped listening to those a long time ago. Most and I mean MOST of the time these are just giving false hopes. We are averaging what....maybe one 5-star player a recruiting cycle? For that one kid, about 15-20 of them had UM in their final consideration.