Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: NFL Cut Day Tough on Former Wolverines

Former Michigan football players had a tough day on Tuesday as many found out they're looking for new jobs.  Some might get picked up, others might find work on the practice squad, but for many this might be it for a football career.  Here is a list of guys that lost their check on Tuesday:

Daylen Baldwin - Browns

Nick Eubanks - Bengals

Sean McKeon - Cowboys 

Khaleke Hudson - Commanders

Michael Schofield - Bears

Devin Funchess - Lions

Lavert Hill - Browns

Donovan Jeter - Steelers

Ben Mason - Ravens

Taco Charlton - Saints

Cam McGrone - Patriots

Brad Hawkins - Patriots

Vincent Gray - Saints

Carlo Kemp - Chargers

Chris Hinton was cut prior to Tuesday 

That is a ton of Wolverines not playing professional football.  Good news there are 2 new pro leagues (USFL and XFL) that players can join in the Spring.  Chase Winovich, who got traded by the Pats to Cleveland, made the team after being hurt all pre-season.   Many speculated he would be cut due to the injury and the Browns having a ton of DE's.  The only other surprise on the cut list was Hudson, who I thought was making a case for starting for Washington.  McGrone, Jeter, Hinton, and Hawkins made poor decisions on leaving Ann Arbor with eligibility left. 


Ron said...

Mcgrone, made a big mistake leaving early I thought he had talent.. I thought lavert Hill was already out of pro football and working with the conditioning staff with the wolverines?

Chowman said...

McGrone and Hinton particularly. I liked Jetter and Hawkins, but they had reached their ceiling, and they weren't going get any more attractive to an NFL team. Hinton really could of used another season in AA to continue to develop. Thought last season he just started to figure things out.

Rudy said...

I thought Hudson had enough to at least make the bench on the NFL. But Coach Harbaugh cutting Ben Mason?!! Did he call his brother beforehand and discuss! Cmon man, that was one of your brother's favs...that alone should have warranted a roster spot.