Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Has Some Recruiting Tidbits

Recruiting for Michigan Football and Basketball has been a bit slow lately.  Michigan got Ronnie's brother recently to head up to Ann Arbor and Juwan got Papa to finally commit.   That was the most action recruiting has seen in a few quiet months.  Hopefully, things are going to start to heat up with both sports.  

  • 2024 5-star DL Justin Scott from Chicago will be in attendance for MSU under the lights.  
  • 2023 4-star guard (BB) George Washington III will announce his decision on 11/1.  He recently visited Ann Arbor. 
  • 2024 5-star QB Jayden Davis is expected this weekend as well.  Michigan really needs his commitment. 
  • 2024 5-star WR Ryan Wingo from St. Louis will be visiting this weekend
  • Michigan seems to be trending for 2025 Instate DL from Howell Bobby Kanka
  • AJ Henning continues his NIL deal with Outback for the 2nd year.  Nothing better than getting those offensive linemen to block for you on those sweeps, with a belly full of NY Strips. 
  • Georgia vs. Florida has been played in Jacksonville since 1933 and there are discussions about taking that game back to campus.  I couldn't agree more.  You can't bring recruits to a neutral site game and both teams would make more money hosting the game every other year.  They could do it every 3rd year in JAX if they want to keep that tradition alive.  


MichiganMan said...

I hope we land at least three of those visitors... We need a four or five star quarterback taking the center after McCarthy... Be physical throw the ball down the field and control the vs MSU

Blue for life

Rudy said...

I am pretty confident that we win the game saturday, however, not as confident about beating the spread which is at 23 right now. I think it'll be closer than that. Sparty will lose but claim a morale victory cuz they didn't get crushed. Sparty is a cheap shot artist so would be happy with a simple win and no injuries. And don't get baited into a fight, don't need the suspensions. sparty is a desperate animal and a desperate animal has nothing to lose. Having said that, if UM should find themselves up by 40 in the 40th....throw a couple bombs, just keep pouring it on and humiliate those dbags!