Friday, February 17, 2023

Michigan Friday: You Say Good Bye, I Say Helow

A bad sign? When your replacement is hired before you agree to leave your job. 

Hi Honey, who is that dude in the backyard?  He is my new husband.  Damn it! 

Michigan fans were excited that Chris Partridge came back to Ann Arbor, known as a player's coach and a great recruiter, we saw his career blossom in Ann Arbor before he got paid to go to Ole Miss.  Chris's reputation was just the opposite of George Helow's, who reportedly struggled on the recruiting trail and connecting with players.  The problem is, both guys coach linebackers and George was handpicked by Mike Macdonald.  Which now equates to looking for a new coaching gig.  Maybe a return to the Ravens, who knows?

  • Kirk Campbell is getting paid $350K this year and $400K next
  • ND hires its TE coach as OC to save a few dollars 
  • The Michigan - MSU Basketball game is on this weekend 
  • Tiger Woods is back and made his first 2023 appearance in chilly LA and shot -2 on Thursday afternoon.
  • XFL starts this weekend with these former Wolverines on teams: De'veon Smith = Arlington, Kareem Walker = St. Louis, JBB = St. Louis, Lavert Hill = St. Louis.  Also names from the NFL you may remember include: Josh Gordon, Vic Beasley, and Martavis Bryant. 


Chowman said...

No shade on those guys that hooked up with the XFL, but there's the NFL and then the rest is just bad ball! I tried watching a few USFL games last year and it was brutal. Maybe some of it was on me as 2 of the games were the Michigan Panthers with Shea Patterson. Just brought back flashbacks of why I never thought Shea was very good. Sure he was decent against lessor talent but against elite talent he was not good Bob! Just don't think there's much of a market for a league made up of guys that either couldn't make it in the league or guys the league no longer has use for.

Brady2017 said...

Chowman is spot on. Not much interest in watching scrubs that have about the same amount of ability as me and my neighbor with a couple beers in us.

Seriously, how about a prison league? I know there's one for basketball, I've seen the documentary on ESPN. Prob have a lot of former Spartans playing on it. Lol

Mike T said...

Currently about 15 players over signed for the 2023 season. Is August 15th still the date we need to solidify our 85 ships?

Rudy said...

the best way to show sympathy for sparty is to have a moment of silence at the start of the game....then beat the hell out of them.