Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Spring Thoughts

With Spring Practice officially underway now, I thought about some areas I would like to see some improvement in and areas that need focus going into next season.  

  1. I'm on record that I thought Michigan missed a huge opportunity not getting the young WR's on the field last season.  I know Jimmy will win 10 out of 10 games running the ball but I think we're all looking to see the offense open up a bit.  Let's get that speed on the field! 
  2. Back-up QB, Michigan needs to lock down #2
  3. CB's - Will Johnson is on his way to being a superstar and he needs a few running mates to play CB and Nickel. 
  4. Pass Rush - Michigan was able to manufacture pass rush last season, but the blitz killed them against TCU.  Michigan needs edge rushers that can get to the QB. 
  5. Field Goals - Has to replace the best kicker in Michigan history.  Not an easy task. 
Not too bad of a list so far and all should be able to be accomplished in Spring Football.  Corner concerns me and we might see a true freshman start next to Will.  

There are some minor other areas like TE depth, FB/Power RB, Punter, etc.  

  • Wow, this is some breaking news.  The Eagles interviewed Jesse Minter for their open DC role.  Philly, please look elsewhere. 


Ron said...

Yes edge rushers are needed badly, hopefully the transfer from coastal Carolina will produce. And Derek Moore

Cormac said...

I hope that Michigan has enough to fill a Brinks truck for Jesse Minter!

Chowman said...

Developing a couple of bookend edge rushers would go a long way to cover up the warts of any secondary. Best pass defense is to make the QB get rid of the ball before he'd like too