Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: News and Notes

  • Blake Corum is rehabbing his knee injury and probably can't run or do any leg work in the gym.  He is focusing on his upper body strength and just showed out on social media doing 30 reps of 225 on the bench.   He will be ready. 
  • 2025 five-star QB George MacIntyre will be at Michigan's Spring Game on Saturday.
  • Brother John and the Ravens are in a bit of a mess as their star QB Lamar Jackson asked for trade on Monday morning.  Seems the Browns Ownership really hurt the other owners by fully guaranteeing DeShaun Watson's contract. 
  • Michigan wrestler Mason Parris wins the Hodge Trophy for the top wrestler in the country.  This is the Heisman for wrestling. Congrats Mason! 
  • UNC Guard Caleb Love is in the transfer portal.  Juwan is going to have to hit the portal hard to turn the ship next season.  It's yet to be determined if there is interest in Love. 😅
  • Flint native 6'1 guard Kenyon Menifeld is in the portal after his freshman year at Washington. He started 21 games and averaged 10 points per game, 3 assists, and 3 boards.  Something must be going on in the Huskies program, as 6 players with eligibility have entered the portal including a guy named Cole Bajema who committed to Michigan in 2019. 
  • OSU got a commitment from 2 OT's that happen to be twin brothers, the Armstrong Twins.  
  • Warde is reportedly working on making Brandon Naurato the permanent head coach of Michigan's Hockey Program. 


Chowman said...

Two things:

So in theory I was for the portal. I thought sometimes coaches got free passes and got to pick up and move any time they wanted with no repercussions, yet players were being penalized. That being said, there needs to be some controls. A limit on how many times you can hit the portal or have to stay 2 years after hitting the portal. This is a mess look at college basketball, its just chaos.

On Lamar: 1st dude hire an agent. You're a high level football player, not an agent. 2nd are the owners "colluding" and not even pursuing Lamar? Absolutely. 3rd: even with the collusion, I wouldn't touch Lamar with a 10 ft pole. He wants stupid money and wants it guaranteed for a QB that's more about his legs than his arm. That doesn't typically end well! See RG3 and Cam Newton! There's a reason Pro RBs only last so long in the NFL. The body can only take so many hits before it starts to breakdown. Say what you want about Lamar, but him quitting on his team last year cause he wasn't getting a contract is not a good look and not a guy I would want on my team!

Ron said...

Has anybody heard anymore about Junior Colton's leg injury?

Ron said...

Colson, sorry Junior

Brady2017 said...

Hey Bob, if you're busy and need someone to cover for you, I'd be glad to help you out. Shoot me a message! Go Blue!!