Friday, September 15, 2023

Bowling Green Preview

Time: 7:30
Location: Big House 
Weather: 69 and 1% of rain
Line: Michigan -40.5

There really isn't much to discuss on this game outside of the former Wolverines coaching Bowling Green.  Jimmy's dad and Urban Meyer are both former head coaches.  Scot Loeffler, former Michigan QB, is now the head coach, Soup Campbell and Steve Morrison are also on his coaching staff. 

BGSU has struggles on defense and has yet to see The Dynamic Duo RB's and the ultra-accurate QB JJ McCarthy.  

Most important question of the day: Does BGSU save on the overnight stay in A2 and just drive-up Saturday afternoon?

Another fun fact: Bowling Green, Florida has a really good golf resort called Stream Song.  

My last 2 letters Friday. 

Dear Jimmy, 
This is your last Saturday off at your U of M imposed 3 game penalty.  I'm still in the camp that the NCAA really doesn't have the power to sit you down for not recalling a cheese burger purchase.  The NCAA continues to shoot itself in the foot in the public, with the latest not granting UNC WR Tez Walker immediate eligibility.   UNC head coach Mack Brown torched them and now the NCAA committee members are getting death threats.   Maybe that entire organization should consider a new strategic direction. 

It's too bad two former Michigan QB's now head coaches won't face off on Saturday night.  Still your team is in great shape and a 40+ point favorite.  BGSU can't play defense and I assume this is the week to get the running game going.  

Enjoy your trip to Frankenmuth.  Do a little Christmas shopping and have the special chicken dinner.   I assume your family will want to hit the water park prior to the game.  Please check if the hotel has the Big Ten Channel before you check in.  

Dear Sherrone,
Sorry you and Jimmy didn't get to go to Cedar Pointe during week 1.  I hope this Saturday is just as fun for you.  Leading this program even for 1 day is quite an honor and I'm sure you will turn this into a head coaching opportunity soon (not MSU please).

Love the play calling this year and JJ is improved in his accuracy and decision making.  I know every defense will load the box to stop the run but we have to have Blake and Donovan over 100 yards.   Should Michigan be running a few screens for Edwards?  Maybe we are not showing much, but we would love to see him more involved in the offense.  

Since I have you and we need some WR's in the 2024 class.  Can we get the true freshman a few catches?  I think Michigan has really good young WR's which need some touches.  I'm also sure you know not to run the score up on a team full of Michigan Men coaching BGSU. 

Good luck on Saturday and enjoy the UTL game on the Big Ten Network.  If you need any holiday decorations ask Jimmy before he leaves the office on Friday. 

Michigan 40 BGSU 7  


MichiganMan said...

Michigan Must win this game!

Blue for life

Goblu said...

I wonder if Jimmy being out is why we're seeing more passing attack? Will be interesting to see if we overweight the run once he's on the sidelines.