Friday, September 1, 2023

East Carolina Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House 
Weather: 80 and Sunny 
TV  Stream: Peacock
Line: Michigan -36

This is the first matchup between the ECU Pirates and Michigan Wolverines.  ECU is 130th in returning production and return 34% of production from last season's offense. 

Dear Jimmy,
This is going to be a short note to you, as I have to write two letters today. The NCAA is a clown organization with a bunch of Bozo's leading it.  Everyone but themselves seems to know that.  Recalling whether you bought a cheeseburger for a kid during COVID is one of the dumber things I've ever heard of.   I know missing the next 3 games will be like getting 3 back-to-back-to-back root canals but you are doing what is best for the program now and next season.  The Michigan faithful and more importantly your players and coaches support you. 

Last year was nearly picture perfect and this year may be the best team you've ever had at Michigan.   A couple nit picking things, just on the top of my mind.  The last time I felt this way about a Michigan team with a 5-star QB and an All-American RB a little thing called App. State happened.   Let's make sure that never happens again.  Lastly, I just wanted to touch on the TCU game.   I know you love to run the ball, but in that game, TCU sold out to stop it and JJ and the Michigan WR's could of had anything they wanted through the air.   This team needs to adjust and must be just as explosive through the air as they are on the ground.  

Watch your son play and get to that lawn work.  Then have your son show you how to log on to Peacock. 

Dear Jesse, 
Welcome to the big responsibility sir!  This is quite the honor to lead the Wolverines on to the field to start a season.  You are going to be down a few leaders in this one.  Jimmy and Sherrone will be at Cedar Pointe and it looks like you will be missing a few DB's with Rod Moore and most likely Will Johnson not quite ready to suit up.  

ECU was 8-5 and won its bowl game against Coastal Carolina but lost a ton of players in the off season.  This team is pretty much an unknown entity this season.  They are starting a junior QB that played in 3 games last year and was 7-12 for 54 yards passing.  

So basically, this game is about the Wolverines and not ECU.   Let's not sleep on the Pirates and beat them with Michigan's talent early and often.  Michigan historically starts slow in its first game of the season and has a history of struggling with lower tier opponents in the opener.  Speaking for Michigan fans everywhere, we don't really love that.   The key is, you never know what is goign to happen.  I for example turned on ESPN and Fox last night to watch 2 games, I found ESPN that I watched an hour prior had been removed from my cable provider in some type of negotiation tactic. 

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for yourself and this team.  Let's make sure the team is in the right mind set and ready to dominate this game.  I would like to see JJ air it out and both Blake and Donovan have over 100 yards each.  You have a huge safety blanket in Jack Harbaugh on the sideline and can bounce any ideas off him.  Clear your mind, seize this opportunity, lead the team, get a victory.  

Michigan 51 ECU 7


szanreno said...

I have not seen hype for a Michigan team this big since 1981. They were ranked number one in almost every poll and publication in the country. That team might have read into their press clippings a little bit and promptly went out and lost the first game to Wisconsin 21-14. This was back in the days when every game wasn't televised so I had to call Sportsline. I dropped the phone when I heard the score. Do not underestimate East Carolina, they have been known to be a giant killer. Go Blue!

Chowman said...
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Chowman said...

So watched the 1st half of the Nebraska/Minnesota game. Ok, flipped back and forth between that game and the FL/Utah game. The later was way more entertaining, just sayin'! Hard to gauge much on one game. Both teams could be really bad, or both teams could be very good (I know, I chuckled typing that). But way to early observations: Nebraska's OL blows! Their QB might beat you with his legs, but not with his arm. He's got rocket launcher, just its unguided! Kind of reminds me of a bigger Denard with and arm! MN? Can't tell much about their D cause I don't think Nebraska's OL is any good. They were making plays in the backfield and putting pressure on the QB, but.........see above! Offensively, they look like the have a very deep and pretty talented set of WRs. Again, Nebraska's D and especially secondary might be A$$! Their QB threw some good balls and he threw some really bad balls. Think consistency and locking on to primary receivers. He forced a couple of balls to the TE that should of gotten picked!

Goblu said...

someone needs to photoshop an image or Jimmy and Sherrone on one of those big Cedar Point rollercoasters!