Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Who is Jim Stapleton?

I just learned of this person a few moments ago and I'm shocked and confused how one of Michigan's own Alumni could be leading the attack on the Football Program and leaking information to the media.  John U. Bacon on the radio today, pointed to Jim as the possible leak. 

Here is Jim's bio on the NCAA Infractions Members site:

Jim Stapleton
President and CEO of B&R Consultants
  • Attorney who has owned and operated a leading Governmental Affairs and Consulting firm since 1997.
  • Former Senior Vice President of Business Affairs of the Detroit Tigers.
  • Assisted in the formation of a group that purchased the Minnesota Vikings franchise in 2006.
  • Served a 10-year term as a gubernatorially appointed Regent at Eastern Michigan.
  • Served a 10-year term as Alumni Student-Athlete Representative on Michigan’s Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • Serves as a public member of the committee. Term 1 of 3 expires August 2025.
(no University in the Bio is interesting?)

Why Stapleton, why would you do this?

Insiders are reporting that Stapleton is one of Harbaugh's biggest critics and that he was a big supporter of Ron English during the 2014 coaching search. He was also a big fan of Hoke and was working behind the scenes to get Rich Rod fired.  He used to have sideline access at Michigan games which got revoked. You can also draw a parallel to his ownership position in the Minnesota Vikings and Harbaugh not getting that job.  

I don't know if Stapleton hates Harbaugh and if this is personal to him for some reason.  I know the timing of the first allegation and this new one is suspicious.  The daily leaks seem to be coming from his team or someone close to it.  I'm also curious on why someone with his background would even volunteer for such a post with the NCAA that is currently struggling with its own reputation and the amateur - professional aspects of college athletics. 

What I do know, when there is smoke there is fire and right now it seems a majority of the insiders are pointing straight at him.   Hard to believe that these investigations are being led and possibly initiated by a former Wolverine.  It seems there is a conflict of interest when a member of the NCAA Infractions Committee is a graduate of U of M and lives and works in Ann Arbor.  Maybe there should be an investigation into him?

B&R is reported to be an economic-development and public affairs consulting group with offices in Ann Arbor. 


Froglipps said...

Stapleton looks like and acts like a bowel movement that came to life (an asshole baby) that miraculously survived being flushed down where he belonged.

Froglipps said...

I was born in September, Stapleton was "shit out" on ?.

Blue said...

"Served a 10-year term as Alumni Student-Athlete Representative on Michigan’s Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics".

It would be interesting to know what connections developed if any between Stapleton & Warde while crossing paths at Michigan.

From Seth over at MGOBLOG:
Sam Webb exposed OSU as the B10 school that gathered the information, informed other B10 schools, and tracked Michigan's sign-stealing over the course of the season. Thamel is Ryan Day's man, and broke the story. Also Bill Greene, the former 11W writer who got broomed for paying and OSU walk-on for insider information, was the first to be saying anything public about this stuff, and other OSU insiders were the ones who knew there was a story about to break. The NCAA has not conducted an investigation yet, so everything out there is what was handed to them by Ohio State's investigation. The reporting on this subsequently has been mostly broken by, shaped by, and added to by Pete Thamel. The weird interpretations of NCAA rules are being copied from him. Nobody else has anything to add because the only source of information right now is what Ohio State investigated.
Jim Stapleton is a local rich guy/booster who dabbles in politics and likes to get involved in who's coaching Michigan. He was in the news years ago for getting involved in Detroit School Board politics in order to win their contracts. He got on Bacon's bad side by being one of the primary program people undermining Rich Rod. According to Bacon he's a thorn to Harbaugh as well; he was the guy in the Vikings ownership group who sunk the deal to have Harbaugh coach there. He's recently gotten himself on the NCAA committee of infractions, and Michigan people believe that's why we got investigated for Burgergate.

If that's not enough James Franklin is now crying that his perfect 4th down play calling against us failed because Michigan seem to know what was being called: Penn State's James Franklin on Sign Stealing in College Football.

As if we needed more motivation when playing Penn & Ohio State in a few weeks time.

Blue said...

Found my answer on what if any relationship their may be between Stapleton & Warde on a post from Todd Anson when Harbaugh was flirting with the NFL. "Adding to the mystery is that UM AD Warde Manuel is understood to be a close friend of … Stapleton’s. What “fingerprints” get detected there might be interesting".

Also of note today, Bacon also commented on Warde & Harbaugh relationship .... Frosty at best.

What determines Harbaugh leaving for the NFL will be ... does the university have his back.

Froglipps said...

Good work Blue (agent 007)

Curt Carson said...

How is Jim Stapleton getting this information? What is Warde Manuel's connection to Jim Stapleton

Tom said...

Jim Stapleton is a vile loser.
I feel sorry for him.
He hates himself and everything in his life.
Lawyers have a tendency to be as miserable as Stapleton and to gain relevance in life they like to take icons down.

Loser, vile, ugly man.