Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: Post Season Awards

This maybe a hot take, but I'm not a fan of national post season football awards.  I think they mean very little and don't always identify the top coach or player at that position.  I submit this weak argument to Big House Blog Jury:

  • Broyles Award -  Which goes to the top assistant in the country. Was given to Iowa's DC Phil Parker for his defense on Tuesday.  Iowa cleary has a very good defense and he got the award over Sherrone Moore who was Michigan's head coach for 4 games this year for the #1 team in the nation.  To me, it's a no brainer who should've won.  Did I mention he was the head coach, offensive line coach, OC, and called the plays?  Remember when Josh Gattis won in 2021, when Michigan was running Harbaugh's offense and pretty much pushed Josh out the door?  That was a well deserved win by Josh. 
  • Joe Moore Award - Goes to the top offensive line in the country.  Michigan has won that award two consecutive years.  I had never heard of this award before Michigan won it. I also believe that this award is cursed.  Michigan's offensive line wins it and in both years goes out and loses the playoff game, where the OL doesn't play well.  Any chance this award helps fire up your opponents defensive line?  I don't expect Michigan is a candidate for a 3-peat. 
  • Heisman - Goes to the nation's top player.  I do like this award but I have two problems with it.  1 - there has to be more defensive players included each year.  2 - If there isn't a clear winner any year, it defaults to a QB or a QB of the best team.  Remember when the bad Miami QB's would win? Caleb Williams won it last year and struggled this year.  With the way awards have been trending this year, expect the Iowa punter to win. 
  • There are a ton of other awards, for top lineman, best center, best head coach, and so on.  Harbaugh has won national coach of the year before but not Big Ten Coach of the year.  Olu won the best center in the country last season but not the Big Ten's top center.   None of this makes any sense.  Why do people love these ceremonies so much?  I hate banquets that last for hours, where people get up and make long speeches, and serve us rubber chicken for dinner.  We must have better things to do with our time then that?  Yes, I was happy that Sherrone was up for the Broyles award but I rather have his time spent recruiting for 12/20, spending time with his family, or preparing for Alabama's defense, then wasting a day and night at the Broyles ceremony.   If a person wins an award, fly the trophy out to him/her, meet them at work/school, and shake their hand.   
Ok, that is enough old man, get off my lawn for one day.  I was supposed to go to a 4 hour banquet tonight and the person I was filling in for had his plans change and now I don't have to go!!! Kick save and a beauty! 😃

  • Michigan Basketball lost another close game to IU last night at Crisler.  
  • Hard to believe that Michigan is back at #1 in the AP, which is the first time in 25 years.  
  • Rumors were that Bryce Underwood the #1 player and QB in the country was on campus on Tuesday.  
  • There are also signs that former 2024 Michigan DL recruit Deyvid PalePale who committed to USC in July maybe re-considering that commitment and leaning towards the Maize and Blue.  PalePale is a 3 star 6'3 305 pound defensive lineman from Lancaster, PA. 


Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

Awards are nice, but without the politics and circus sideshows. Now a days you never know, is this guy really deserving? Or does he have an angle with the network? Phil Parker gets an award after Michigan hangs 29 against his defense. Smh Maybe Sharone Moore sticks around longer if he doesn't get lavish awards.

To be honest, the only award I care about is that crystal National Championship.

C'mon Bryce, Ann Arbor is home baby. I know Oregon is waving those dollar bills at you, but they will come here too. Just be patient and become a top QB first.

I wasn't able to watch the Michigan basketball game last night because I refuse to get these stupid streaming channels that require a membership. Hopefully this trend will stop soon if people stop subscribing.

There is a HILLARIOUS TicToc video of AI Jim Harbaugh arguing with Nick Saban. It is a must watch! Just Google it.

Brady2017 said...

Just to follow up on my Bryce Underwood post, Oregon is rumored to be throwing big time Nike money Bryce's way. That's all well and good if that is all he cares about. But reference Dante' Moore and his freshman season at UCLA. Big bucks and false promises led him out to tinsel town, only to get benched half way through the season. Michigan's philosophy has always been to earn the NIL bennies, don't expect them. That said, word on the street has told me J.J. is making 7 figures here in A.A. That might be comforting enough to lure him back for one more season. Bryce, the money will come. Focus on laying the groundwork to becoming an NFL quarterback before you start getting paid like an NFL quarterback and things will work out fine here.



Brady2017 said...

My last post today (must be the extra cup or two of Joe)- Battling the NCAA is like getting pulled over by the cops. You want to be friendly and cooperate, but not to the point where it will hurt your case. The old expression, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar, applies here. If you piss off the mysterious unknown forces that lurk within the NCAA, they can make your life miserable.

Having an entry level employee go rouge and video opponents is a rare occurrence. How this could warrant any more of a penalty than Jimmy has already served is beyond me. Other schools have done waaaay more and gotten less repercussion. I'm tired of the media stringing this out, exaggerating it, and speculating on Jimmy leaving to the NFL. Especially when the media has manufactured these NFL rumors again this year. Block out the noise, my friends.

Blue said...

We've been waiting on Harbaugh's extension to be finalized & signed for awhile now, here's the latest for JUB-

"Now I've been told: "Breakthroughs in the last couple days. Things trending very positively.

Of course, we have heard that before. We know President Ono and the Regents want it done, Jim Stapleton doesn't, and the athletic department has dragged its feet. We'll see what happens."

— John U. Bacon (@Johnubacon) December 6, 2023

Why the hell is Michigan AD Warde Manual dragging his feet (not wanting to sign) Harbaugh to a contract extension? Why is he teaming up with supposed friend Jim Stapleton, who is on the NCAA infractions committee, that dislikes Jim Harbaugh with a passion, and was (according to JUB) the NCAA leaker to the media on Michigan’s potential signgate infraction.

If this is true (of which I believe is), Warde needs to be gone, yesterday.

Brady2017 said...

Blue- You answered your own question. Stapleton is on the NCAA infraction committee. But he's still a piece of dog feces.

Blue said...

Brady 2017 - The answer is the same answer on why these NCAA low-level investigations are all about Harbaugh and his stand on players receiving a fair chunk of the substantial $$$$$ that the NCAA, BIG, and other conferences generate from its television and licensing rights ..... That is Warde and company don't want to divvy it up to the players, they want it all for themselves to spend as they like.

M@ said...

I really enjoy your posts, although I don't always see you eye to eye. Gives me a lot of points or thoughts to reconsider. Well done.

Cormac said...

I have yet to hear how Dante Moore's potential commitment might affect the commitment of Jadyn Davis and Bryce Underwood.

Brady2017 said...

Blue- Very valid points. I guess it comes down to what's best for college football and keeping a level playing field. Do you really think Ohio St has had better coaches and better player development for the last 20 years, or were they doing things like paying players, giving away cars, and promising homes for relatives? All that dirty shit goes out the window with a level playing field, which means players should probably get a cut of the pie.