Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Wolverine Wednesday: Thanks NCAA, Now Get Lost

Jim Harbaugh bought a kid a cheeseburger during COVID 4 years ago.  He didn't recall that purchase when the NCAA asked him about it. The NCAA found a receipt for said cheeseburger and now we are here.  So 4 years after the cheeseburger crime, The NCAA has put Michigan Football program on a 3 year probation, given 5 coaches Level 2 Show Clause, some recruiting restrictions, and a fine.  Everyone agreed to these terms except Jim Harbaugh who is now in the NFL and could care less about NCAA and its cheeseburger rules.  By the way, nobody cares.  This was a blip in sports news and will be dead today. 

What does this mean for Conner Stalions and his vacuum re-sale program? Who the hell knows.  The NCAA hasn't even sent Michigan a notice of allegations yet, which means we are probably 4-5 years out from them adjudicating on something that has already been adjudicated. 

  • Denard has been suspended indefinitely 
  • Michigan Basketball and Football seem to be doing good work in recruiting circles but no commits yet.  
  • Keep an eye on St. Mary Guard Aidan Mahaney (who is now in the portal) and Michigan. Aidan averaged nearly 14 points a game and considered one of the best guards in that conference. Yes, Please.
  • On Saturday, I really hope Will Johnson, Donovan Edwards, and Mason Graham are all healthy in street clothes helping coach one of the teams.


BlueManGroup said...

Who will get their 1st commit? Sherrone - whose been on the recruiting trail for 3 months; or Dusty - whose been on the recruiting trail for 3 weeks? I know we have a long time until signing day - but 3 months and still not 1 commit?

ScottyDoggs said...

BlueManGroup Interesting observation, hopefully it's not a shadow prediction of a dismal future, although he first priority was to build a coaching staff!

ScottyDoggs said...

Also, sppring game and practice might have been intense leading to less time to recruit.

Brady2017 said...

So what is the Pass/Fail for Sharrone this year? 8-3? 7-4?? Yikes, I hope not. This is Michigan and the bar will always be high. I know there are new coaches and new players, but I don't think the expectations here ever change. Then there is the question, how much time does Sharrone get? A full 4 year recruiting class? Just win baby, and there won't be many questions.

Brady2017 said...

Not only has Sharrone not gotten any commitments, but no transfers. Every class is putting the finishing touches on their team for the upcoming season, so the longer we go without any new commits, the more worried I become. I'm going to need therapy if I have another Steven Threat nightmare. Lol

BlueManGroup said...

I understand why it's taking longer for recruits to commit to positions in which we have new coaches; what perplexes me is why no OL have committed when Michigan has a proven track record developing NFL OL and Sherrone and Newsome aren't new.

BlueManGroup said...

Jake Rudolph ain't walking through that door.....

High Sierra Howard said...

@Brady What is the Pass/Fail for Sharrone this year? Look at the schedule for this year; it is brutal:
@Ohio State

7-4 is a D
8-3 is a C
9-2 is a B
10-1 is a A

MikeyM said...

Still sucks that 3 High 4 / 5 star HS qbs from Michigan went elsewhere.

ScottyDoggs said...

Either I am a nut-bar, or we still play 12 games in 2024 .... a few of you are at 11 games in your comparisons. I checked the Michigan schedule, and it said 12 games with 2 byes (Gadzooks!!!)