Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Sunday Practice is Back

We all remember the Freep's hack job that was 90% incorrect but got U of M to spend a ton of money and two years of probation from the NCAA for stretching before practice.   It's a huge surprise the newspaper industry is dying on the vine.   One of the Freep's accusations was that Michigan was regularly practicing on Sunday and greatly exceeding NCAA limited practice time.   Of course that was found out to be false, but who cares about facts when you can sell a few more papers?

Hoke's best lines of his press conference yesterday is below:

 When did you decide to have practice yesterday?
"Saturday about 4:07."
When did you tell them?
"Yesterday about 12:30."

Practice on Sunday was a clear sign that the entire teams performance on Saturday was embarrassing and not acceptable.    I would expect the message regarding preparing properly was received by the team.  It's also not an NCAA violation if they stay within the mandated weekly practice time limits.

Other news of notes:

  • Courtney Avery and AJ Williams are getting better.   Michigan really needs Avery healthy as Akron gave everyone a blue print on how to beat the Wolverines.

  • Hoke was considering using Kenny Allen for punts, I would say he should do more then consider it.

Bo Pelini of Nebraska hot seat is pretty much on fire right now.  His defense continues to give up huge points, he is in a verbal war with Nebraska legend Tommy Frazier and now tells the fans FU in a recorded 2011 rant.   I would say he is pretty much done, unless they pull off a Big Ten Championship or a BCS game.

  • Update: Hand's visit to Florida this weekend is being rescheduled due to him taking the SAT.

  • We might have a conflict here:  ABC has two games on this Saturday and the coverage map is not out yet.  Depending where you live you could see 1 of 2 games.  If your wondering, the watch ESPN application is not available for either game.  For the fans of the reverse mirror, ESPN2 has an Alabama game that starts at 7:00.
Sat, Sep, 21#15 Michigan at Connecticut8:00 PM
Sat, Sep, 21Kansas State at Texas8:00 PM


Scott K said...

our defense practiced SO much under RR and GR that they were exhaused and couldn't slow anyone down.... let alone stop them!!!! lets hope the sunday practices don't wipe them out like that again.... we could be headed back to the 125th best D in Div. I...

(sarcastically said, tongue in cheek)

Big35Hurt said...

"Practicing" had NOTHING to do with why RR's defense couldn't stop anyone. The ridiculous 3-3-5 and also Greg robinson were why they couldn't stop anyone.