Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Breaking News: Minnesota Head Coach Jerry Kill Retires Immediately

Minnesota Head Coach Jerry Kill has decided to retire effective immediately due to health concerns.  Jerry has we know suffers from epilepsy and has had a number of seizures on the sidelines in recent years.   Jerry has done a good job at Minnesota and will be replaced on an interim basis by offensive coordinator Tracy Claeys.

Of course we know that Michigan travels to Minnesota this weekend for a night game on Halloween.  We wish Jerry and his family all his best as he tackles his health issues. 

This means there is now two three openings for head coaches in the Big Ten (I forgot Maryland).

BTW:  Remember Brady Hoke turned down Minnesota before they hired Kill. 


Jeff Ilconich said...

There is actually 3, Minnesota, Maryland and Illinois

Voice of Reason said...

I think Hoke would do best at the level he came here from. However, since he wants a power five conference school (which I don't agree with) I think being in the Big Ten would be too emotionally difficult for him. He should consider at best UCF or some school on that level that appreciates any coach that makes them better and competitive. A true football school with a winning tradition will not have the patience that Hoke requires to turn things around. I think that RR going to Arizona worked out well for him because he went to a school that was willing to give him some time as long as they saw some results. IMHO!!!