Friday, October 23, 2015

Michigan Friday: A Saturday Without The Wolverines

I think the best way to get over a bad loss is to get back on the field and get another win.   Michigan won't have that opportunity this weekend as they are on a bye week.  Colin Coward and Jimmy should have another interview that clarifies the term "bye or buy"  :-)

I'm sure this weekend will be full of kids sporting events, home repair and yard work.   For those of you that have a little time here are a couple of games to watch or scout. 

  • 3:30 IU vs. MSU = Michigan needs State to lose twice and this could be a trap game.  Michigan also still has IU on the schedule.

  • 8:00 OSU at Rutgers = OSU will now have JT starting and probably will be better.  We also play Rutgers as well. 

  • Tonight on ESPN 2: Rashan Gary will be playing TE Isaac Nauta.   IMG Academy will be playing Paramus (NJ) Catholic in Florida.  Jimmy is expected to be in the house!

Minnesota also has a bye this week.

Other News:

  • Michigan's AD department was expected to have nearly an $8M loss this year.  Due to lack of ticket sales and the Hoke and Brandon buy outs.   Hackett recently reported the deficit is only about $340,000.   The reason was better ticket sales and this funny statement (bold is mine):  “There’s some relief because Dave got a new job,” Hackett said in July. “We weren’t counting on that; we got that. The operations are really humming and, of course, the prospective football revenues — we get some of that ahead of the fiscal year because of seat licenses. Things are selling, donors went up. I’m humbled by it.”   None of us expected Dave to start selling Nerf's and Barbie Dolls. 

  • Michigan is expected to get a basketball commitment today from four-star 6'4 2017 combo guard Jordan Poole.  He will announce at his school at 6:30 between Michigan, Illinois, Marquette and Indiana.

  • This picture is from media day.  Those Adidas shorts look like our starters got run over by a tractor or something.


ScottyDoggs said...

David Brandon, as much heat as he got; is at least a man and got a job and not pilfering Michigan. Whereas, True Blue (will walk a thousand miles) for Michigan is at home sucking air, eating unwrapped Tv dinners, and frozen pizzas, making sure he milks Michigan for all it's worth... a true Michigan man (cough-cough)..; he is our version of Charlie Weiss, heaven forbide a major program hires him... worse than Ebola, or a bite from a brown recluse. Tell him to shut the hell up one more time, please.

Brad said...

ScottyDoggs: what is it with you? Are you just one of those guys that likes to sit back on your computer and spew hatred and garbage because you're unhappy with your own life? I think we can all agree that Hoke was a disappointment, but he was by all accounts a Michigan Man, and loves this university. Worse than Ebola? wow... hate to be on your bad side. take a breather my friend, it's Friday!

Dave A said...

Just some random thoughts on Coach Hoke:

Not Bad Recruiting in my humble opinion


He also gave credit to Rich Rod for the teams Sugar-bowl win, he left this place much better than he found it. Very much like Bump he built the base, Coach Harbaugh will take that to new heights. I wish Coach Hoke well and I think he can build a program, look at everywhere he has been including Michigan.

Scott K said...

He did recruit well, and he's probably a good guy, and he loves Michigan...

However, all these ignorant comments he's making, trying to vindicate his tenure, need to stop. He's being disrespectful to the job Jim and his staff are doing, by implying the success they're having is a product of his tenure. Don't lose sight of the fact that while RR's record improved each year, Brady's declined each year.

When I read Brady's babble, it reminds me of matt millen reflecting on his tenure in detroit.

Unknown said...

He recruited well, was/is a solid Michigan man and a heck of a D-line coach. It is time for him to move on. I applaud him for all he did for program, but I struggle to connect dots that now he is vindicated based on Harbaugh success.

Wish him the best. He'll make a good d-line coach for a power 5 school.

Scott K said...

Khalid Kareem just committed to ND.... Does that move Kemp any closer?

dude1984 said...

Hoke is like Ed Ogreron. A solid DL coach that was in over his head (I refuse to make good/bad character assessments because I don't know him). The fact he has a radio show is baffling. I wonder if his intro song is Everybody Clap Your Hands? Anyways, criticizing Harbaugh makes him sound like a bitter ex. Jim is winning with his guys now like he won with Rich Rods guys in 2011. You never heard Rich Rod making bitter comments.

Dave Brandon...he is living up to his reputation at Toys 'R Us. I expect Toys 'R Us to go bankrupt within the next 3 to 5 years. I've decided that Brandon is an errand boy for Bain Capital. After he kills the already dying Toys 'R Us Bain will send him to another company to finish it off.

In CFB, Ohio State looks scary with JT back at QB, Michigan State is a joke, Kevin Wilson is a terrible football coach, and Rutgers is a tire fire. The B1G needs to re-think the divisions. They should go to 9 conference games, 6 intra divisional, 3 inter divisional with 1 of them being an annual rivalry game (to keep UM-tOSU...Minn-Neb, WI-IA, NW-IL, IN-Pur, MSU-PSU, Rut-MD).
North= Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan State, Michigan, Purdue, Rutgers
South= Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio State, Penn State, Maryland

Those basketball shorts look awful. This is OT, but the football team should keep the all whites for the road, go all blue at home, and have a special all maize uniform.